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The perfect New Year’s Eve - tingling & sexy

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With Christmas bygone, the festive days are coming to their culmination: New Year’s Eve. Therefore, it is about time to spend some thoughts on how you want to form that special evening - in a way, it brings you and your lover not only mental but also physical joy.

The night of nights

There are only a few days and especially nights that are awaited with excitement by almost everybody. New Year’s Eve is for sure one of them. It is the night that many of us consider being something special, a special moment in time, where everything is possible and you’re free to get rid of old habits, set new goals - basically start over again with the option of doing thing better this time.

On top of that New Year’s Eve is also a good time to look back at what you have achieved, what worked out and what or who had an impact on you during the ending year. Also, especially as a couple of any kind New Year’s Eve, no matter if it is the first one spent together or one of many, also represents another year that you have spent together, that you have shared your passion, your devotion, your love - and your sexual energy.

Even if it does not really make sense from a logical point of view: New Year’s Eve is a special night and therefore the perfect moment to show your affection and maybe even open a new and exciting chapter regarding your and your partner's sex life. So, grab the chance and work it!

Bits & pieces for the great finale

If you are not quite sure, how to make the night and even the entire day grad then simply recall what we have talked about during this past year. I have given you several topics and ideas you can work on and now use to create the grand finale of the year. Let me sum the most important ones up for you and remind you of all the bits and pieces that help you become the best lover one can be.

#1 Starting the year in a healthy way

Just for the record: Passing from this to the new year with some sweet and spicy lovemaking makes total sense, considering that sex has more than just one healthy effect for you and your partner. And what is more likeable then starting into the new year in a healthy way, right?

#2 Get ready for your New Year’s Eve date

In terms of how to create the perfect situation for your New Year’s Eve date, be sure to spend one or two moments on preparing. Simply meeting up is nice, but there are two or three more things you can consider for creating a perfect date.

#3 Never skip foreplay

In anticipation of your date remember that foreplay is not just simply foreplay. Foreplay can as well begin before you meet your partner in person, for example by sexting during the day, increasing the anticipation and gaining excitement even before the big moment.

#4 Kiss, finger, lick & suck

When you and your lady are finally in the same room, remember that you have more to offer than just your penis and penetration. Next to simply delighting your partner with touches, kissing is an essential tool when it comes to creating the right mood. Next to your lips make sure to not forget some serious use of your fingers as an awesomely hot addition to you going down on her. Like this, she will be more than just ready when you proceed further.

#5 Do not get stuck in one place

The sexual exchange you and your partner share while one year ends and another one begins, can also set the table for your sexual encounters during the new year. So, make sure to tune it up and do not simply go for the usual. When it comes to spaces you could try out, remember there is more than just your bedroom and the bed. Take your sex for a walk and explore some different rooms.

#6 There is quick & there is slow - why not go for both

Since it is a special occasion, why not add a bit more to it than you would usually? Why not have a quickie as well as a slow and sultry part included in your gathering. It might even be convenient: Let’s say you go for dinner first - the perfect occasion for a hot and messy quickie after all the teasing you have been doing in anticipation of your date. That, of course, does not mean, that this was it. I am sure you will end up at your or your partners place at some point. And that is the moment you could apply the slow and sultry part, and build up the whole tension once - or twice or more - again.

#7 Have fun & happy new year

By now you should know that I very much believe that there is not THE ONE way to do things. Good sex is all about listening to yourself and listening to your counterpart. As long as you are willing to focus on the needs of your counterpart as well, observe their reactions and adapt accordingly and be open to try out new things, I am certain that you will both have a pleasant, enjoyable, memorable and lustful encounter. But just in case...try to avoid these things. Other than that, I wish you all the best and an awesome New Year’s Eve! See you next year :)

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