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First timer, please send me an email at


This is the only official website for Fawn (TER 306794)

Existing clients who have booked a date before July 2022 are grandfathered rates.

First-time visitors need to pay a deposit of $50-100 depending on the length of the meeting (incall) and 30%-50% Deposit for (outcall) this process takes 1-2 business days depending on the methods. 

Very exceptionally Last minutes appointment happens,  This (within 48hours)appointment requires 100% deposit. 

Outfit requests should be made one week in advance. special outfit can be extra charge

Limited availability, Planning ahead is the key to the success of your booking. Last minutes booking cannot always be accommodated and requires a full deposit of 100%. (within 48hours of incall/outcall booking consider last minutes)

 A last-minute cancellation fee of 100% " or BAN , " within 48hours cancellation fee of 50% " or BAN



Philadelphia: I maintain an upscale incall in Philadelphia and always provide parking information and other necessary to ease your concern.

I am available for outcall appointments as long as they are within a sensible distance. There is a minimum booking time which varies depending on the travel time required and transportation fare will be added based on the distance

30 minute to 2-hour travel - 2-hour appointment plus transportation costs


All outcalls will require a deposit and 2 weeks' notice is ideal

For anything over 2 hours travel time, refer to Fly Me To You below

Touring: Incall will be provided with no additional fee and is preferred when I’m on tour. Outcall fee may apply depending on the travel distance or request.


Fly Me To You

More than 2 hour travel -

6-12hour appointment plus transportation costs (Business/First Class round trip flight, Taxi or train) + Lodging (4/5 star hotel) costs. 

I book all transportation and lodging myself. You may book our lodging if it is an overnight/multi-day engagement.

Based on where I am located, Should travel time exceed 2 hours, it will be a FMTY appointment.

For East Coast and Midwestern cities, a minimum appointment : 6 hours

West Coast and Southern cities require a minimum booking: 12 hours.

Please provide details of your plan and tie and date so that I can plan ahead with the availability.

For existing clients flights and accommodation as well as 30% of the overall appointment must be pre-paid before I visit with the remainder being paid at the beginning of our time together. For new clients, you could be expected to prepay between 100-50%.


Outcall & Fly me to you ONLY 

Thank you for your interest! We will be in touch.You will get consultation estimates and retainer information as follow-up email. Hang tight.