For this tutorial we will use Coinbase as an example wallet, but you can send from ANY Bitcoin wallet! It may look slightly different, but it's all the same concept.

Go to wherever your Bitcoin wallet is and find your account.

Find the "Send" button on your wallet and click that. This will display the necessary fields, namely an "address" to send to and an "amount" to send. Your wallet will require this information.

Please copy and paste of Bitcoin QR code or address.

The best of best retainer process: BTC

If sending BTC, it will take up to 60 minutes so send it before the meeting.



BITCOINS  | please copy and paste it below. 


We do not use Venmo or CashApp!


What if I don't feel comfortable with Bitcoin?

If you don't have any credit card or bank account,

then you can buy any Gift Card listed below.

Amazon Gift card will be the most accepted and the fastest.

Please send Amazon Giftcard through the email address you are communicating with us!

Please send me the entire card number including expiration date and three digits code 

or take a photo of your card front and backside with 3 Digit PIN number.

Once we checked the balance of the card, the deposit will be accepted.

If you are sending your deposit through PayPal, make sure that you select 'Sending to friends and family' and put Consultation as the note - nothing else!

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