Two references from other providers, (P411, TNA, TER and AMP), URL , and reference email address.


References reviewed professionals and have to be currently working

(Please understand this process takes time to get back 

 answers from Providers/Agencies)



You don't have any Provider references? Is this your first time?
No worries, we've got your alternatives. 

You will need to supply 3 forms of ID. These can be a well used LinkedIn profile, business card, work pass etc.



Fawn-gorgeous-Sailor -Moon-Japanese-doll



Driver License, Passport, State ID, Bank credit card, business card, and work permit 
 (Do not block Full legal name, date of birth, Driver License number, expired date although you can block the address on your License, on your credit card, you can block the last 4 digits

This screening is for verification purposes. Your personal data will be kept confidential and automatically deleted every year. 

Fake name, unmatched information and invalid, and expired blocked ID waste our time and I will NEVER answer these emails. Please do not send booking manager a text if you are not verified. We don't answer to unknown number.

Screening should be fully done before you meet Fawn.
If you didn't pass ID Screening, you cannot see the fawn and please do not negotiate with screening process. There are no exceptions.

Thanks! You are one step closer to Fawn