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This screening is for verification purposes.  Your personal data will be kept confidential and automatically deleted in the cloud system every year. You may request verification again if haven't kept in touch with me for a while. 

Two references from other providers must have a current website & Email address to be confirmed

Also, they need to be reviewed, referenced professionals who are actively working. I will respond when I hear back from your reference or/and you could forward messages from the providers to me.


New and unable to give provider references?
No worries, we have alternative methods of verification. 

You will need to supply 3 forms of ID. Some examples are a LinkedIn profile with over 500 connections, business card with photo, work badge.





Driver License, Passport, State ID, Bank credit card, business card, and work permit 
 (Do not block Full legal name, Date of birth, Driver's License number, expired date although you can block the address on your License, on your credit card, you can block the last 4 digits) ​

Any attempt to send a Fake name, invalid information or expired/blocked IDs will not receive any response.

Screening & Retainer should be fully done before you meet Fawn.
There are no exceptions.

Choose your interest (Multiple options available)
Upload File
Upload File

Thanks for writing the screening form. The next step will be ID verification & Deposit process through the email that you provided. Please hang tight !

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