Take your foreplay for a walk

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What do you picture in your mind when you hear the word foreplay? If what you are picturing is happening in bed, then you might want to broaden your horizon and take your foreplay for a walk. Because foreplay is not just about those couple of minutes in bed before you have sex. Foreplay begins much earlier and ideally not only when you have reached your bedroom.

No matter if you are enjoying a night in or are having a nice dinner or some cocktails out, foreplay starts the moment you and your partner start paying each other attention. Even the smallest gestures or moves can be more than just attractive to your counterpart and clearly let them know, what you are up to. The even hotter fact can be you both knowing, that it will take a certain time until you are given the chance to really get it going on and that sweet longing while teasing each other can be a huge turn-on. So here are some things for you to consider.

Foreplay starts before foreplay

Always remember that foreplay does not necessarily have to lead to sex. Enjoy foreplay as something fun to do and focus on having a good time and make your counterpart not only get turned on but also feel appreciated and attractive. No matter if it is the slight touch of her arm or shoulder, the breath on her neck while passing her by or the filthy little thought you share with her, foreplay should be part of your daily routine. Which brings us to the next point.

Let foreplay be part of your daily routine

As I have pointed out, foreplay can be every little act of affection paired with desire. And to be honest: Ladies love it when they get to taste it several times a day. So why not engage in some sexting and letting them know, that your thinking of them. But consider: It should not only be about you wanting to have sex. Little compliments paired with some steamy thoughts and ideas do the job far better, then you only talking about how horny you are and focussing on yourself. Make sure to be engaging and give your lady the chance to join the playful thoughts and interaction. Also, when being home, why not give them a short teasing massage and letting them taste what might be on the menu later. Or simply telling them what your thoughts of her were during the day. Even if it is you jumping into the shower with her before you leave for work, all the little foreplay gestures will build up during the day and end with something pleasant and lustful for sure.

What you might want to consider as well, is being quite spicy about what you say or show. For example, if you chose to text her during her lunch break, incorporate a sexual practice you know she likes, and be very precise about what you would treat her with. Spell it out, bit by bit, maybe even with one spicy detail per message, so she can slowly build up her imaginary picture and indulge in the build-up.

And remember: Even if the actual physical foreplay has fully started, there is no need to hurry. I recommend you try to keep the foreplay going for as long as possible and see what happens. A woman will most probably never nag about foreplay that takes too long. And by the way: Physical foreplay does not necessarily need to take place around her vulva. On the contrary, try to treat her entire body far more than just her yoni. I assure you, teasing her this way will make her want you even more.

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