Go quick & joyful - the power of a quickie

Updated: Feb 24

Many people say that sex must be last a certain time for it to be good. People even go as far as to view fast sex as something negative, implying that something that lasts only a few minutes can not be of good quality. I personally do not agree with this. I have learned and experienced, that a good quickie can be equally as good as a long sexual encounter - if not even better in certain situations.

Time should not be the focus

As I have pointed out, I have experienced magical and very satisfying quickies in my life. Quickies that have been both mindblowing and relieving at the same time. But still, very often I witness people diminishing quickies, saying that fast sex can not be satisfying or good. When doing so they focus solely on time as a criterium - which in my personal opinion never is the right way to go when it comes to sexual encounters of any kind.

What is far more important for good sex, is that both (or more precisely: all) counterparts feel comfortable and ready to share the moment. It is not about whether the encounter took one hour or ten minutes. It is about how it felt, about the intensity, about the connection, and about the joy it gave you. Did it satisfy you, did it make you feel good, did it help release tension, did you feel the passion - summed up: did it make you happy.

According to my experience, this has nothing to do with how long the sexual encounter lasted. I have had hour-long sex sessions that were great, as well as quickies that lasted only five minutes and were as great as well. So remember not to focus on time too much when it comes to sex. Of course, taking your time to please each other in every possible way and really acknowledge each other’s bodies and needs is awesome and very welcome. But if it occurs, that you are really hungry for your partner and time is not available on a big scale, give in to a hot and messy quickie. It will for sure be as enjoyable as any other good sexual encounter.

What to pay attention to when having a quickie

So-called quickies mostly happen when time is not on your side or when the overall situation is not as private and you need to be “efficient”. And to begin with, that is a very nice thing and a compliment to your partner, because obviously she or he is so attractive to you, that you need to taste them now, like immediately. So obviously quickies are nothing you plan, but rather something that just happens at the moment. Of course, you might plan as in arranging yourselves to meet up, but that plan is mostly only a few hours ahead and not entire days. Quickies should rather be a spontaneous decision, which is one of the things that makes them so exciting.

If you are about to have a quickie, make sure not to skip the foreplay since it will assure lubrication. This might be you sexting each other beforehand, going down on each other to get things moist, and simply taking a few minutes to stimulate and cherish each other.

What also helps make a quickie feel more intimate and intense, is to gaze at each other while at it. Though it might feel a bit awkward at first, looking at each other encreases the connection and intensifies the experience. Also, if you had some time to prepare, make sure to wear something that works well with it, since you do not want to lose any time getting rid of complicated clothes. Additionally, make sure to have napkins or even baby wipes at hand, since you will want to clean up after.

Overall and apart from all possible details, being in the moment is one of the most important things for a good quickie. As long as you do not feel pressured or uncomfortable and you are willing to let yourself go and experience the rush, a quickie can be utterly satisfying and lustful - maybe even a little dirty and harder as usual, since it is is very much instinct-driven.

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