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Going down on her the best way one could

Yes, not only men like getting a special oral treat - women do as well. Oral sex is something women enjoy equally as men, provided he (or she to be precise) knows what he is doing. Because it is not just about some fast tongue movement on her clitoris and the wrong way of doing it can not only be awkward but also hurt her most sensitive body part. So here are the most important things for you to know if you want to become the king of going down on the ladies.

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It is not only about the tongue tip

A lot of men think that going down on their lady requires them to give a speed-massage with the tip of their tongue. But this could not be more wrong. Your tongue tip can be quite hard and rather cause discomfort, especially when moved too fast on the extremely sensitive clit. Rather than focussing on using the tip of your tongue remember that the tip of your tongue is just that, the tip of an entire body part. So, make sure to use the whole of it. You will soon notice that the sensation of the entire tongue surface treating her clit will be much appreciated by your lady.

The 4 movements you need to know

Quite some men are not sure about how to move their tongue when going down on a woman. Well, there are exactly 4 moving patterns that will do the job: Circular, side to side, up and down, and pulsating (rapid pushing) in the same spot. If you use one or a combination of these, you can be sure to not only give her a good time but also a wonderful orgasm. Whereas I kindly remind you of the first point I talked about above.

Go from outside to inside

As I have pointed out in other blog posts, the female orgasm is rather a build-up than an instant thing. This is something to consider when you are going down on her. So do not go for the clit or her vagina from the start, but rather give her time to get the temperature rising and the juices flowing. How? Start from the outside and work your way to the inside. So start caressing her inner thighs first and then let your tongue works its way to her pelvic area and around her vulva before getting to the clit and her vagina - which by the way you may enter with your tongue when she is ready for it.

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Spice it up with fingers, face & toys

It is as with everything else as well: Focussing on just one thing might be nice for a certain time, but why not spice up things in between with some additional treats. When granting cunnilingus, you are absolutely welcome to use your entire face, your fingers, and maybe even some sex toys as well. For example, you can enter her vagina with one or two fingers while letting your tongue work her vulva or even use a vibrator. Also using your fingers gives your tongue the chance of a break over time so you can perform your magic for a longer time. And about the face: Yes, placing your lips on hers or pushing gently against her pelvis with your nose can add a turn-on to the entire game.

Do not stop & keep going

If you give your lady, the required time and consider the above-mentioned things you will for sure get to the point where she comes. When the moment is reached, do not stop what you are doing. I can assure you that no woman ever thinks “I wish he would stop” while she is orgasming. On the contrary, your continuing is what will make her not only come but come hard.

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