Kiss me, baby

Kissing is the start to every new body encounter, no matter if it is kissing each other mouth to mouth or indulging your partner by kissing every inch of her body. Kissing is as important in love as it is in sex and is one of the universal languages that all humans understand.

I personally love being kissed and am thrilled when meeting a good kisser. Whereas I have to say, that there is not only one way to kiss and no overall recipe that makes you a good kisser. Kissing is an individual and subjective thing, as are most things regarding sex. Some like it soft, some like it hard, some like it wet, some like it extensive and with a lot of tongue and that is not even mentioning the area you might be kissing.

What kissing sure is, is healthy. Research proves that kissing has the same effect as a drug and has your whole system running. Your entire mouth is packed with cranial nerves and by kissing you have them sending a hell lot of impulses to your and your partner’s brain. Yet another reason why working on your kissing skills is a good idea.

How to provide being a great kisser

#1 Stay moist

One of the two main tools for kissing are your lips. So, make sure to give that tool some love and attention. Keeping them moisturized and soft is essential and increases the pleasure you give when kissing your partner. For doing that either use lip balm and maybe even go for a peeling from time to time. The effort will for sure pay out.

#2 Tongue play

The second most important tool for a good kiss is your tongue. So as long as your partner is not into to it, make sure to let your tongue do some work and use it as good as you use your lips. Interchanging between lips and tongue while kissing, makes the whole experience more diverse and keeps up the tension.

#3 Keep your breath fresh

A kiss brings you really close to your partner, like really close. And what you want to avoid is turning them off with unpleasant breath. So, make sure not to eat too smelly food before your date. Also always have some mints with you for kissing emergencies and in general pay attention to an overall good tooth and mouth hygiene.

#4 Take and give the lead

As pointed out before kissing is very subjective. Therefore, especially when you are kissing a new counterpart it is recommended to take it easy and first find out what she or he likes and what not. Of course, you can still take the lead from the beginning, but make sure to pay attention to her or his reaction to it. Also, the lead is something you can take and give. While you might lead at the beginning maybe your partner would like to take over at some point. So, do not be too strict on who is having the lead and let the moment decide. Like this, both can have their share of leadership and being led.

#5 Be passionate about it

The probably the most basic but also important thing when kissing is passion. Nobody wants to fall asleep while being kissed. Granting your partner your energy and passion shows them how important they are to you and how much you desire them. Giving them that sense enhances their desire as well and therefore ensures that you both are fully on and in the game.

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