The top 4 things to do on a sexy holiday

The top 4 things to do on a sexy holiday

Have you ever dreamt of getting away on a holiday, a sexy holiday?

When going away to a completely new place, taking a break from all stresses and frustrations in your everyday life, taking home someone you’ve just met but feel that jittery lust towards, setting that sexy holiday vibe, to release that build up passion and lust inside you that has been waiting to get out. When it comes to spicing up your sexlife there is no better time and place to do that than when being on a holiday, you can be whoever you want and do things you’ve only dreamt about, be as dirty, slutty and unleashed as you want, no one will ever know, you are a nameless identity meeting people who do not know you and never will.

You can wear a costume, change you name, background story and look, meet people and have amazing sex. Do you ever feel self conscious or even nervous when sleeping with someone you have been seeing, for the first time? Do you ever wonder what they might think, do they enjoy the sex do they enjoy you? If it doesn’t end as you had planned, it turns awkward, your selfconfidense goes down and you quit dating for a while. Or is it a one night stand, at least you don’t have to see the person again. People make sex so difficult, sex should not always be about feelings, so many people today worry too much when it comes to sex and feel guilty for having fantasies and wants. We all have needs and whatever dirty fantasy you might have, it is fine, it is more than fine actually, it is great!

One great place to live out all these fantasies, if you want to keep your “dirty side” separate from your real life, is when on a holiday. How do you set the sexy mood for a vacation then, dress up sexy, unleash that dirty side you are afraid to showcase at home! You could even dress up as someone else, wear a wig, contacts and lipstick and go out as “Alina” from russia, don’t be afraid to be bold!

If you are not ready to dress up as someone else the best way to be sexy discretely is to wear sexy lingerie. Put on a garter belt, stockings and a nice push up bra, whoever gets to undress you will be more than thrilled with the surprise. Try new things, new sexposes, new blowjob teqcniques, be dominant, be submissive, fuck at a new place, have you ever tried having sex in a club? Worth a try! Be whoever you want to be and do what you could only imagine in your wildest fantasies, be free! We all need to outlive our fantasies to feel complete and everyone has different ways of doing this, going on a sexy holiday is the best choice if you are wanting to explore that wild side without anyone you know ever finding out.

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