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Dating Asian women - all you need to know II

After I have talked about dating Asian women in general last time and pointed out the specialities and differences of Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese ladies let me add to the list a bit further and talk about some more Asian women today.

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Remember the details - let us have a wrap-up

We have already looked at the general differences between Western and Asian woman, one surely being the different upbringing when it comes to gender roles. While equality and egalitarian role allocation are part of daily life in the western hemisphere that is not as given in Asia, especially in rural regions. But even in big cities and despite all the modernness most Asian woman still have a big connection to their heritage and the traditions of their country. That also applies when it comes to dating, where for example it is expected of you as the man to also be the one paying the bill.

Apart from this detail, there are also other things you might want to know about when dating a woman from Asia. So after Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese let us have a look at some more Asian women today.

Dating a Cambodian woman

Cambodian women in comparison to other Asian women are less likely to have a mixed racial heritage. The average Cambodian girl has typically black, straight hair and dark eyes as well as wide cheekbones and a small nose. Their skin tone is rather light and they are known to be modest, shy and quiet. Although they retain a big deal of their traditional influences when it comes to gender they still have embraced a Western way of life as well. Especially girls from big cities like Phnom Penh are often bolder than the ones from rural areas. Cambodian girls often have not had an excellent education since education is not great for women in general. But although literacy rates are rather low they often make up for this with their natural intelligence.

When it comes to dating Cambodia is equally conservative as other Asian countries and the public display of affection between couples is not really common. This differs quite a bit in Phnom Penh since dating a foreigner is a big business whereas other rules apply. Basically, when dating in Cambodia it is best to differentiate between two different types of women, the traditional ones and the modern ones. While traditional girls mostly look for a man originating from Cambodia, modern ones are far more open to dating a foreigner. Also, traditional women will most likely want to not have sex before marriage while modern ones are rather open to more modern and western concepts of dating and quite take the chance to explore a relationship before deciding to get married.

Dating a Chinese woman

When it comes to dating a woman from China it really depends on which part or even city she is coming from. With China being such a huge country there can be quite some differences in how dating and relationships are viewed. Overall one can say, that China does not differ from other Asian countries when it comes to general traditions and the way women and men are viewed. Similar to Cambodia it also very much depends if you are dating a lady from a rural region or from one of the big cities. I am going to spotlight girls from Hong Kong and Shanghai in the following.

Women from Hong Kong

Hong Kong is cosmopolitan, modern and fast-paced - short put it is a sort of melting pot when it comes to culture. Different to the rest of China the city often seems closer to western standards than to eastern ones and this also applies to dating in general. Still, finding a date in Hong Kong can be a very hard thing to achieve which is mainly due to the lack of energy and time. With people in Hong Kong being very busy there is simply not enough mental space and especially time to spend dating.

Another important factor that makes finding a serious date difficult is the so-called PBO, which stands for Pending Better Offer. With the residents of Hong Kong being very keen on achieving perfection things are often valued on a superficial level and they are constantly focussed on what better thing, they could have instead of concentrating on what they actually have. Also, all of this together raises expectations to an often unrealistic height.

When it comes to actually date similar to the overall culture you will find it to be quite the same as in western countries. This means you can ask out a woman without automatically implying to marry her and women are even just as likely to ask you out as a man. But attention: Many people from the mainland of China have migrated to Hong Kong as well, and they are far more traditional. So make sure to check where your dating counterpart truly comes from.

Also, even if women from Hong Kong are quite modern, they still have a certain amount of traditional views going on. When it comes to dating, they are looking for a man who takes control in a relationship and prefer men to be Alpha males. Also, they want men to be respectful, loving and caring - but also good in taking decisions and looking after their partners.

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Women from Shanghai

With Shanghai being the biggest city in China one could assume that the same rules apply as in Hong Kong. But careful, that is not the case. On the contrary: Although the foreign influence by tourists and ex-pats is big, Shanghai still is very true to its traditional roots when it comes to dating. Therefore dating is often tied to the goal to get married and start a family and one might find himself being a woman’s official boyfriend even after the first date. With Shanghai being a quite traditional city one can in general say, that marriage and family are highly valued and therefore pursued.

Shanghai is the centre of the fashion industry in China and therefore women from Shanghai have a high sense of fashion. Therefore make sure to be well dressed when dating a girl from Shanghai. Also, similar to women from Hong Kong, women from Shanghai would like their male date to handle the decision making and be in charge. Thus, you will want to appear strong while at the same time being very respectful and a perfect gentleman.

Dating a woman from the Philippines

Let us look at another Asian county now: the Philippines. Like all other Asian countries, the Philippines also have quite some traditions when it comes to women, men and relationships. At the same time, the Philippines are also a country that encourages open-mindedness and especially the younger generations, so women under 30 years old, are quite modern and westernized. On the other hand, women from 30 years a were often still raised with strong traditional beliefs and are therefore more traditional.

What you will have to consider when dating a woman from the Philippines is the strong bond and value family has in the Philippine tradition. No matter which age the woman you are dating is, family is extremely important and a woman from the Philippines will always put her family first and foremost. That is also one of the main reasons why they often start working from a very young age on and support their families financially. It is not seldom that the family is not only supported financially but also lives together with their daughter and her chosen one.

What you will also have to keep in mind, is that a woman from the Philippines will most surely practice the art of waiting. So once more it will have to be you who makes the first move and also takes the necessary steps required to move the relationship forward. Only once you have taken the first step will they start to reveal themselves. Also, and that has to do with the value of family, you will have to ask her parents for permission to court a Philippine woman and you will not get around to meeting her entire family at a quite early stage of the relationship - and remember, that does not only include her siblings and her parents but may very well include aunts, uncles and grandparents as well.

Furthermore, women from the Philippines will highly appreciate it, if you respect their religion (often Catholic), if you go with food since food is closely tied to their culture and traditions and if you do karaoke with her - yes, get used to the thought and remember it’s worth it.


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