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Your advantages of dating an Asian American woman

As we have established up to now, I’m an Asian that was born and raised in a big international capital city. As a matter of fact, I would call myself an Asian American girl. From time to time, I get asked what the advantage of dating me as such are. Well, let me share them with you.

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Although I consider myself an Asian American, I need to send ahead, that I can only really talk about myself when it comes to the advantages you get when dating me as a companion. We all know very well that we all are individuals and each one of us has her and his own traits.

Still, there probably are some things that I have specifically incorporated due to the fact that I am an Asian American. Let me point out three areas for you.

My looks

One of them surely concerns is the way I look. As a female with an Asian background, I profit from quite some advantages. Firstly, my hair is really thick and strong and therefore also glossy and truly healthy. It also grows really fast, so giving it a trim occurs quite often - otherwise, it would probably be touching the floor at some point. On the other hand, colour wise I’m not the typical black-haired girl but rather have brown hair, but I think that matches my hazel eyes perfectly.

The tone of my skin also is quite typical for an Asian American or rather a Northern Asian, which means I’m quite light-skinned for an Asian but surely not comparable to the light skin of Caucasian girls. Also, I inherited the Asian skin gene, as I call it. This makes my skin be denser. Even more, it lends me a very clear, clean skin, which is free of blemishes and any kind of other impurities. It is also said, that as a woman with Asian genes I will always look younger than I am.

Regarding my body shape, I would also say that being Asian American is an advantage since I am rather petite and not too big or broad. I frankly quite like my posture, which by the way is all-natural.

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New perspectives

Another advantage of having me as your companion might be, that due to my Asian American upbringing I have quite some insights to share. Not only am I capable to understand the perspective of an American person but also can I add the Asian perspective to things. Like this, you will get the chance to broaden your horizon and maybe even learn interesting things that can be useful in your daily or business life.

In addition, thanks to my multi-faceted upbringing and my language and life experience up to know as well as my good education I can take part in any discussion and be a truly good talking partner.

Views on relationships

Although I am not quite sure if this is due to my Asian background, I often notice that my views on relationships and companionship differ from the ones of Caucasian girls. I am naturally very dedicated and friendly in my relationships. It is truly my goal to make my counterpart happy and satisfy all his needs. Therefore, I am also very attentive and have a very distinct sense of what others need, want and wish for. Also, I am a very passionate person, especially as a companion


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