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Why I SCREEN my dates. A Guide for Gentlemen.

Updated: May 3, 2023

As an intimate GFE confidant, I value my safety and time, screening is the most crucial part of my job. As such, I don't skip this stage out of fear of losing a few clients. It's best to avoid dating a man altogether if he rejects me because of my screening, as this is a significant warning sign for my safety. Here's why I screen my dates and how it's not because I don't trust you, but rather because I want to be secure. Most confidants' safety strategy includes screening, which enables her to pick out the trustworthy-looking nice people from the bad ones.

But keep in mind that dating is closely linked to intuition and feelings, so if any internal alarms are being triggered by myself or my assistant, or my gut feeling says we should not meet, perhaps due to lack of compatibility, then your dating request may very well be declined. This is true even if the screening goes perfectly well and you provide the best references and information possible. Don't take it personally; just look for another companion that you will click with right away. We don't all match, just like in traditional dating, but there is undoubtedly someone out there who is perfect for us.

What do companions fear so much that we choose to screen our dates?

GFE companions have a larger danger of encountering a terrible guy, such as a killer, a robber, or an abuser because we're talking about in-person dates and a close and intimate component of human connection. Anonymity gives us a lot of power, including the potential to cause harm without being held accountable and the power to reveal our most twisted selves without feeling guilty.

If your mother, sister, cousin, or best friend wanted to date someone she met online, wouldn't you want her to ask that person some questions to make sure everything will be ok and that she will return safely home at the end of the date? Instead of viewing screening as an invasion of your privacy, think of it this way. That is what companion screening accomplishes. is a guarantee that I will arrive safely back home after a date!

Not that we believe you to be a bad person or that your word has no value, but we just don't know and we can't believe you just because you claim to be fine.

"I swear I'm a good guy. Never, ever would I injure a lady!”

I'm not assuming you would, but it feels like Russian roulette to me. Don't become upset, and realize that screening is a must for us. Consider it this way: Would you risk meeting a lady who readily accepts a date with a stranger, even for a few hours or an overnight experience? If you've seen other companions who haven't screened you, what does that say about them and the caliber of dates she's been going on?

Let's work together to solve this problem. I will screen you while assuring you that all of your information is kept private and that my assistant and I are true professionals who won't do anything to negatively impact your personal or professional life.


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