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Why foreplay should be one of your best friends

Foreplay often is an important part of good lovemaking and sex. You could compare it with a good party night, which only becomes great if you kind of let yourself groove into it. Also, foreplay can be a great way to get your body and muscles warmed up, so that your physical performance can be even better and more intense when it comes to actual sex.

Foreplay often is an important part of good lovemaking and sex. You could compare it with a good party night, which only becomes great if you kind of let yourself groove into it. | Why Foreplay Should Be One of Your Best Friends | Dating with Fawn | Philadelphia, PA, USA

The advantages of foreplay

Next to foreplay being a pleasurable way to get your body started, it is also a good way of showing your partner your quality as a lover. Good foreplay indicates your skills and your ability to focus on the pleasure of your counterpart. Because it is all about finding ways to make your partner feel good and build up her horniness. Knowing where to touch her, how to touch her, and finding the right amount and rhythm gives her a good insight on how skilled you are and increases her lust for you. There is nothing sexier than a man willing to first devote himself to the pleasure of his partner before taking care of his own needs. Whereas it is to say, that this goes both ways. Like sex, foreplay is a give and take, where both partners can focus on each other and work on getting each other hooked and longing for more.

Furthermore, foreplay is a nice way to grow intimacy, something that might be lacking at first. By granting kisses and touches and using your hands, fingers, tongue, and all other parts of your body, you can watch your partner’s arousal increase and her response to your cues. This way you get to know each other’s bodies better and what you both respond to.

Also, by enjoying good foreplay you can prolong the whole experience. There are no rules saying that foreplay needs to end at a certain point. You can as well come back to it after the first taste of sex and like that prolong your time together. Why not stop sexual intercourse shortly before you come, go back to foreplay, and then continue having sex? Like this, you will surely be able to go on and on the whole night.

Finally, foreplay can save you unnecessary and sometimes awkward discussions. Why not use foreplay as an opportunity to show each other what you would like to try out, what you like most and what gets you really turned on. Using foreplay as an overture is a convenient and satisfying way to place your desires while already enjoying pleasure.

How to spice up your foreplay

As foreplay can have a great and positive impact on sex it makes sense to think about ways to make it even better. Here are some of my personal recommendations:

● Words alone can make your partner glow up. Try to embed spicy words into your foreplay. A little bit of dirty talk will always make things even hotter.

● The right look at the right moment can be worth a million. Remember to look at your partner and let your eyes speak your thoughts.

● Kissing is an essential part of foreplay. So, make those lips work and kiss every possible inch and spot of your partner’s body. I guarantee this will make her flame up even more.

● You might want to consider adding some toys to your foreplay. No matter if it is a dildo, a vibrator, or even a but plug, adding some play to your foreplay will always make it better.

● You can also use other substances to enhance the effect of your foreplay. Consider getting wet and enjoy the slippery feeling of water on your skin. Oil is also a nice thing to use. You can also sweeten up your kissing and licking game by placing honey, whipped cream, or whatever else you like on your partner’s body.

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