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What makes social companion services special

I have often witnessed people talking about why men book companionship services. And the overall opinion is always that they do so because they are somehow needy. Of course, due to my experience, I know different.

Talking to me helps you let off some steam and get to relax and lay back | Dating with Fawn | Philadelphia, PA, USA

The general prejudices

Let us be honest: Most people, men and especially women who have not experienced the service of a professional escort before think, that customers of escorts are needy at least. They picture persons not capable of finding a boyfriend or a girlfriend or even somebody to simply have sex with for once. No matter the actual reasons for booking an escort, most people simply assume that it is due to some personal lack of capability in whichever field.

At the same time, the picture people have of the escorts themselves is not as lovely as well. The general idea here is that escorts are basically focussed on pulling their clients’ money out of their pockets and are not really interested in their clients at all.

Let me tell you in advance: All those opinions are mostly based on the phenomenon called prejudice. So let me share with you what my existing experience has taught me about why customers book my services and how I view my work as an escort.

Stress relief & relaxation

Most of my clients have a very stressful job no matter which field they work in and what position they hold. They are all very much into what they do and love their profession and therefore give 110 per cent on their job. At the same time, they do not find the right circumstances at home to relax. Either because their living situation is not quiet and calm enough or they do not have somebody to talk about and vent about their daily experiences.

Meanwhile, when they meet with me, that is exactly what they get. No matter where we meet, it is always a nice environment that provides enough quietness and allows them to calm down and find peace of mind. Also, they get the chance to talk to me about whatever is on their mind and like this get rid of everything that might be stressing them out. I am a very good listener and thanks to my broad knowledge and experience I can rely on many different topics and therefore react appropriately to what I am being told. Just by talking to me all my customers let off some steam and get to relax and lay back.

Escort sittng on bed with lingerie | Dating with Fawn | Philadelphia, PA, USA

Attention & focus

Another thing that many of my customers miss, is getting the full attention of somebody. Often the people close to them are so pre-occupied with their own stuff that they do not have the capacity to turn their full attention towards my customers. With me, they experience something entirely different. Meeting with me always includes my full attention. I focus solely on the person I am meeting and devote my entire focus to them. The only thing I care about when meeting with you is your well-being and everything that is of interest to you and makes you feel good. In a nutshell: My attention is all yours.

A treat to yourself without the fuss

Last but not least many of my clients view my services as a treat for themselves. After all the stress they have and their effort for the people they are close to, they simply deserve to spend some relaxing and fulfilling time with somebody who is only there for them, senses what they need and wish for and satisfies their desires on every level.

What better way to get that then from a professional and experienced person like me? I am always focussed on my counterpart’s desires, well behaved, intelligent and attractive and without all the fuss that other women might cause.


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I am always focussed on my counterpart’s desires, well behaved, intelligent and attractive | Escort Dating with Fawn | Philadelphia, PA, USA

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