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Vacationing But Still Open To FMTY!

The scorching warmth of this summer compelled me to reassess my seasonal preferences, pondering whether I truly favor summer over autumn. The carefree, stretched-out summer days that seamlessly transitioned into leisurely weeks of al fresco dining and quality time with friends were undeniably delightful, despite my awareness of the underlying environmental concerns. Interestingly, my decision to embark on a month-long summer vacation indicates a possible evolution into a true summer enthusiast.

Fawn the asian in lingerie
Fawn the asian in lingerie

However, as I witness the trees metamorphosing from lush green to the captivating hues of red, orange, brown, and yellow—creating a dramatic and fiery spectacle—I'm reminded of why fall held the title of my favorite season for so long. Its breathtaking beauty captivates me. I find solace in the enchanting nights, and as someone who frequently indulges in the noir atmosphere, I wholeheartedly appreciate the autumnal fashion. Although I miss the sun's warmth, my summer wardrobe fails to rival the delectable allure of autumn. Instead, it consisted of textures like leather, lace, suede, cashmere, silk, and a tempting selection of monochrome, form-fitting, and elegantly tailored pieces.

This month, I am taking a well deserved vacation. Thank you for keeping me busy so far! The primary image for this blog was taken during a recent photo shoot (verified individuals can find more images in the gallery). I have updated my gallery with new pictures, and I welcome outfit suggestions in the comments section!

I also want to express my heartfelt appreciation for the generosity surrounding my ongoing tour. In response to popular demand, I will be providing some date ideas for the this summer, with a particular focus on extended dates. As I continue touring in the upcoming weeks, let's make plans to spend quality time together between now and this fall.

Indulging in a Four to Six Hour Dinner Date

This type of date encompasses a wide range of options, including brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, or the classic dinner rendezvous. As someone who relishes remarkable destinations and culinary experiences, food-centered dates hold a special place in my heart. Whether it's indulging in afternoon tea or savoring tasting menus in New York or partaking in coffee and cake or savory snacks in San Francisco, the minimum time I recommend for this type of date is four hours, allowing ample room for intimate connection. For a leisurely afternoon tea or a multi-course tasting experience, consider dedicating five to six hours or, if desired, extend it to an overnight affair.

Unveiling a Six to Ten Hour Exploration Date

Longer dates provide us with an opportunity to forge deeper connections, embark on adventures, attend shows, and unwind in each other's company. Allocating six to ten hours, perhaps from noon to 10 p.m., offers an ideal duration for those seeking an extended date without the need for an overnight stay. I recently went on a first date with someone who was experiencing their inaugural trip to the States, and our time together lasted six hours. We started with a delightful lunchtime rendezvous, explored the city on a tour bus, leisurely strolled through captivating architecture and parks, indulged in a scrumptious dinner, and concluded with an intense intimate session. This unique combination makes for an extraordinary dating experience. Personally, I relish the opportunity to view familiar cityscapes through the eyes of a visitor, serving as a reminder of the blessings I have in calling these places my home.

On longer dates, there's no need to rely on costly activities alone. Weather permitting, we can immerse ourselves in the wonders of the many remarkable free exhibits and museums available in each city!

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