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Use your… tongue!

Updated: May 3, 2023

I know you might think “Of course, I already do that anyway”. But trust me, when I say “use your tongue” there is way more to use it for than what you are most probably thinking of. What we keep forgetting is, that our tongue is a multifunctional body part - so let us look at what it can do to improve your sexual value.

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The tongue - a piece of art & virtue

Eating, tasting, speaking - all those things would be impossible without the tongue. In everyday life, we use it even more than our hands and that means something. At the same time, it explains its versatility: 9 muscles alone are involved in its movement and it is extremely mobile, well supplied with blood and has a large number of nerves. It is also warm, soft and always well moistened. It can lick, tickle, suck, slurp, suck, poke and spit. But because it is hidden so well in our mouth, it quickly falls behind when it comes to using it consciously and creatively.

As you can see, your tongue is literally predestined as an aid during sex - and not just for cunnilingus. Your tongue is a real multitool in bed - use its potential. Women are totally into the wet touches all over the body. With your tongue, you can touch intimate areas much more sensitively and sensually than with your fingers. A good lover knows how to use his tongue skilfully - and not just to wrap the lady of the heart around his finger with words.

First things first - flirting

To begin with, if you don't say anything when flirting, you can't expect great success. So, for this reason alone, your tongue is essential when flirting. But there is far more, your tongue can assist you with when flirting. It can also help with subtle seduction on a non-verbal level. If you lick your lips fleetingly during eye contact, you show your counterpart, that you are interested. Therefore, remember to moisten your lips from time to time. It is not only a positive signal for your date, but it can also help calm you down when you get excited.

By the way: Even using the tongue in your text messages has positive effects. Why? Well, as a study by “Clover” has shown, women are into text messages that often contain emojis showing the tongue.

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Heat it up - French kisses

We have all heard it before: There are women for whom hot kisses are even more important than sex itself. Consequentially the popularity of a good kisser is high. And for a good kiss, it takes more than just full and soft lips. What is essential is for you to know how to use your tongue. Especially since during a French kiss, we learn to smell and taste our counterpart. By means of pheromones and other scents, we (especially women) unconsciously perceive whether the other person is fertile and healthy. Also, a French kiss is the best way to simply get a woman going, whereas at the same you can set the tone by how you use it. Be soft and slow, be faster and demanding. But remember not to tense up and not to point it too much, move it hectically in your partner's mouth or push it too deep into your partner’s mouth and don't suck too hard on it. And remember: Many women find it particularly seductive if you gently embrace her face while kissing her.

Get things moist

Your counterparts skin is the largest sexual organ: It is particularly sensitive and largely responsible for arousal. Match this with your tongue and you have got the perfect foreplay and was of really heating thing up. In comparison to your fingertips, it is much softer and more flexible and therefore has much more potential to hit the right spot in the exactly rights way. I recommend you start out with her neck and work your way down, over her collarbone, her shoulders, her nape and all the way down to her pearl - but do not forget her back, her ankles, her calves, her thighs and of course her bum as well.


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