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Use sex toys - just do it

Using sex toys is a thing, certainly. But it is somehow confusing, that while everybody seems to be talking about sex toys, many do not truly talk about it when it comes to doing so with their partner. So, let me take a stand and show you why using sex toys and doing so together with your partner is not only pleasurable but also logically.

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Wherever you look sex toys are being discussed. The sex toy industry is seeing an ongoing increase in sales, sex toy adverts are part of daily life and friends discuss which newest toy they acquired and which benefits it has.

And still, when it comes to sexual encounters often only couples that have been together for a really long time seem comfortable enough to talk about and also use sex toys in their sexual encounters. This although using sex toys with your partner bears a huge potential, for both of you.

#1 Taking out the pressure for her

Men might not fully comprehend this, but for women reaching orgasm can be stressful. That is mostly due to the fact, that reaching climax is not always as easy for females - whereas it does not have to do with the partners’ performance. And still, additionally to it not always being the easiest thing, women often face the stress of not wanting their partner to somehow feel bad or less a man or even offended just because they did not orgasm. For such situations sex toys are more than just a blessing, they are the purest of gold. Because by adding a sex toy to the game chances are good that a woman will most definitely reach her climax - thus by using a toy you have a win-win situation.

#2 Taking out the pressure for him

Modern, well-behaved men will always try to go as long as it takes their female sex partner to come. But well knowing that this at times might take quite some time this goal is quite frankly more than capable of bringing them to the edge of their physical capacity - and with that decrease the ease and pleasure, most probably for both partners. So, here again, adding one, or two or more sex toys to the equation will take off pressure from the man’s shoulders and therefore make sure everybody has a good and pleasureful time.

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#3 Why come ones if you can come multiple times

While men come once women are fairly capable of enjoying multiple orgasms. Yes, orgasming might not be as easy for the ladies, but once they get there, they get there for good. Now no matter how good the male partner is at his “job”, using sex toys additionally will always hit the spot even better. By adding sex toys to your play you can simply stimulate multiple areas, in different ways and with the lady being able to use her knowledge of herself in combination with a sex toy you profit from additional knowledge as well. Further, by using a sex toy the man can continue his awesome job even if he himself already reached climax. In a nutshell: By combining his work with some additional stimulation and her knowledge you will have the pleasure of seeing her come - not once, not twice, but multiple times.


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