Treats for her yoni - how to give her the best intimate massage

I am sure you have thought about different ways how to grant your female counterpart attention and show her your love and affection. And although a massage might have crossed your mind, I am quite sure that you have not thought about a yoni massage before. But let me assure you, it is the most lustful experience for both partners and will make your lady lose her mind with certainty.

May I introduce: her yoni

For the ones of you that have not come across this word before, yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina or vulva and therefore stands for the most special, delicate but also strong female body part. It is the place that holds great power and thousands of nerves and with the right treat brings great pleasure and ecstasy to your female partner.

And still, it is also the one body part that a lot of people have never really taken a closer look at, let alone given a treat other than the usual sexual intercourse. But let me tell you: Considering and even more learning about a yoni massage is more than just another fun idea, it will for sure provide you with a magic tool, that all your future female partners will absolutely adore and be highly thankful for.

What to consider when treating the yoni

With the yoni being a very intimate spot, you will want to make sure to keep in mind 2-3 things when giving it a treat.

Take all the time

I would not recommend starting a yoni massage right from the beginning of your sexual encounter. Rather work yourself to it bit by bit and with a lot of time on your hand. Some women need time to get comfortable and let go, so provide them with all the time needed. Also, start your massage journey by massaging other body parts and work yourself towards the sacred yoni step by step. In general, if you are rather short on time postpone the yoni massage to another encounter.

Create a relaxing environment

For a woman to really enjoy a yoni massage it is essential for her to really feel calm and relaxed. You can support this mood not only with what you do but also by creating a nice and calm environment. For example, use some candles with a nice fragrance and dim down the lights. Relaxing music can help as well.

Be attentive

Not every woman reacts in the same way and in the same pace when getting a massage and even more when getting a yoni massage. So, make sure to be very attentive and closely observe her reactions to your treatment. You will easily recognize if she enjoys what you are doing or not. Do not do certain things just because you read it is the right thing to do or for the sake of it, but rather try to find out which kind of touch and which rhythm and pressure your lady likes and reacts positively on.

Little helpers are useful

Since the area of the yoni is very sensitive, it is good to have some aids at your hand. Especially a pH-neutral lubricant will be not only helpful but necessary for the massage to be pleasant. It will provide the right amount of wetness and keep her yoni from feeling unpleasantly sore.

Step by step

When starting out, do not forget to gently caress your partners face, since caressing the face is equally intimate like caressing the yoni. Also, make sure to kiss and treat your partner’s nipples, since they are directly connected to the yoni and will send good vibes to it in advance. When arriving in the yoni area, remember to treat the entire area, like her inner thighs or her pelvis. What women mostly like is if you place your entire palm on their yoni, that gives them a sense of security. In addition, do not forget to also treat her labia and her pearl before then entering the yoni with one or two fingers pointing upwards. Remember that there are more than 8000 nerve ending in the first third of a woman’s vagina, so make sure to stay there a while. After that continue your journey with circling moves until you find the G-spot, which you will treat by moving your fingers as if you were telling somebody to come to you. And always remember: All women are different and have their very own way, so whatever you do, do it with affection and the focus on them and their reaction.

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