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Top 4 Fun Sex Positions For You To Try

Are you getting really bored of taking part in the same old, worn-out sex positions during every one of your dates? Have you previously attempted every single move in the book to satisfy your partner? Well, perhaps it's time you have a break from this common path and have a go at something fun for a change, and who better to experiment with than me, Fawn - your elite companion covering New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Sex does not need to be a chore, right? You are not a robot who is requested to act out repetitive movements repeatedly. If this remains the case, you will just wind up desensitized and be in it for the sake of it. Today I'll discuss how you might encounter an energetic, playful and fulfilling experience between the bedsheets, on the kitchen counter, in the shower, or anything place that gets your heart racing with me, you Asian GFE in Philadelphia and New Jersey.

A sweet roll in the hay

Also called the "tight squeeze", this sex position is perfect if you feel spontaneous and are in a relatively small space. It's exhilarating and will make you climax like there's no tomorrow. So here are the specifics. Firstly, you need to pick a favoured surface for me to sit on so you can admire my Asian-girl-next-door beauty. Even a chair can be great, believe me. So now you've got me sat pretty, fold both your legs over your my toned midsection and stand facing me. Squeeze me inside you so I can feel you and hold you and you can feel the reason why I am an elite companion. This helps to reach intense orgasms but also helps us stay away from mishaps! Make sure you check my schedule to ensure you can book a time when I am in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Bedside doggie

Put your hands in the air if you like doing it as they do on the discovery channel ;) Here is how to make it lighthearted and fun by experimenting with the bedside doggie position with your favorite elite companion. According to the undeniable name of this position, you can utilize the bedside, desk or chair! Blend the bedside doggie in with doggie-style steps for a significantly exciting sensation. And yes, you've got it: you enter from behind while I sit on the steps. With my perky, full behind, you'll be climaxing in no time with this position experiencing a full-round Asian GFE.

Kitty cat

Do you rarely climax when you're with an individual? If so, this position is for you. To make your night unforgettable, lay on top of me so you can feel my perfectly sculpted Asian physique against every inch of your body. Then start very slowly move upwards while still remaining comfortable. Now you can begin grinding into my petite elite companion body as you slip into me, making me moan by forming small circular grinding movements. in little circles at a sluggish speed. With this position, the base of your penis will be stimulating the clit resulting in the best orgasm ever.

Superman to the rescue

If you are a frequent gym-goer, the superman position will work a treat. Start by lifting my pelvis up till both my feet are in the air. You can admire my long, toned legs that play a part in my role as an elite escort. Once you have admired your view, you can embed your penis deep inside my honey pot. My G-spot will get the attention it yearns for from you! If you want to keep us both at it for a more extended period of time, you can defer the peak anytime by briefly coming out of me now and again before thrusting back in for me to feel all of you.

So, are you prepared for some exhilarating sex positions? Give the ones I have suggested a try on our next rundown, and let me know how it feels for you next time you book me, Fawn, as your elite companion of choice in New Jersey or Philadelphia.


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