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The Summer of … 69

We all immediately know what is meant when the topic of 69 comes up in combination with sex. And while the thoughts we are having might somehow be exciting, they are often accompanied by a certain feeling of awkwardness for many of us. Why that is and how to make 69ing more fun, is what I will be talking about today.

Dual stimulation - the art of receiving & giving | The Summer of 69 | Dating with Fawn | Philadelphia, PA, USA

Dual stimulation - the art of receiving & giving

69ing can be the perfect opportunity to give and receive oral sex at the same time, this as a fact to begin with. Viewed from an objective point of view this sounds like an awesome thing, especially in terms of efficiency. Nevertheless, for some people, this dual and simultaneous stimulation can be too much and rather overwhelming instead of pleasurable.

Especially for persons not in the position of reaching their climax as easily focussing on both, giving, and receiving pleasure tends to be too much to focus on. Going down on somebody and simultaneously having that same somebody going down on them has a rather distracting effect. As a consequence, they cannot truly enjoy what they are receiving nor can they be their best self in giving joy to their counterpart.

And thus, 69ing remains a sexual practice that quite a few do not go for - although it can be a really pleasurable and enjoyable thing to do. That is why I think it is time to talk about some tricks that will help both counterparts feel more comfortable and being able to enjoy a good old 69ing.

#1 Make yourself comfortable

One of the most important things to consider is the position you chose for your 69-pleasure. I recommend trying out a side-by-side position, since like this none of the counterparts will have any issues with their neck. Another option is him lying on his back and her being above him. Like this, her vagina hovers above his mouth and his cock is just below her mouth. The advantage of this position is that she has control over how deep she wants to take in his magic stick, a fact that might help her relax and therefore also make it easier for her to climax.

#2 Do not forget to have fun

As with everything when it comes to sex, remember that first and foremost you and your partner should have fun and enjoy whatever you are doing. Therefore, keep it relaxed and focus on sensuality and do not make it about “getting it done”.

Mischievous Little Tigress for Mind Blowing Adventure. | The Summer of 69 | Dating with Fawn | Philadelphia, PA, USA

#3 Give yourself a break

While 69ing the goal should not be to finish up as efficiently and fast as possible. Remember, it is all about having fun and enjoying yourselves. It is absolutely okay to take a break in between, maybe take some time to indulge yourself in your partners' enjoyable work on your most delicate body part or enjoy giving each other some other treats.

#4 Get support from your hands

Yes, classic 69ing is mouth, lips, and tongue work. But whoever said that you need to keep it classic under any circumstances? On the contrary, adding some hands work and finger work to the experience can enhance the sensation and at the same time give your mouth some time to rest.

#5 You are more than just your penis & vulva

Even if the main focus during 69 might be the closer pelvic area, that does not mean you are not allowed to pleasure the rest of the body as well. Let your hands wander around and treat other regions and spots of your partner’s body.


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