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The Sexiest Morning Routine Ever

Let's discuss setting yourself up for a fulfilling day with a morning routine that enhances your sexual confidence and pleasure.

Through experience, I have learned that sexual gratification requires intention and effort. By establishing habits that make you feel confident, sensual, and clean, you're more likely to experience sexual pleasure.

While basic sleep hygiene practices like getting eight hours of sleep and charging your phone outside the bedroom are important, the magic truly happens when you wake up.

Here are some steps you can take to start your day off right:

Breathwork in Bed

Taking three to twenty minutes to practice breathwork can help soothe your nervous system and clear your mind, which is important for cultivating a sexy mindset. Even if you only have three minutes to spare, regular breathing exercises have been shown to be effective in combating anxiety, depression, and stress.

Meditate, Masturbate, Manifest

Before getting out of bed, take some time to engage in "meditate, masturbate, manifest." While touching yourself, pay attention to each and every sensation. Consider using a toy like the Empress 2 by VUSH, which mimics the sensation of oral sex, or the I Come First Self-Connection Kit from VUSH, which includes Connection Cues and a Digital Challenge Calendar to guide you through 14 days of self-love. After reaching orgasm, focus on feelings of gratitude and use the post-orgasmic glow to manifest positivity.

Sensual Self-Care

Take care of your body by attending to oral hygiene, skincare, and self-massage with oil-based products. Bad breath can be eliminated with products like SmartMouth, while Supergoop sunscreen can protect your skin from harmful rays. Regular oil-based self-massage has been shown to promote relaxation, stress relief, and emotional equilibrium.

Mindful Movement

Engage in mindful movement by exercising in the morning, even if it's just a half-hour walk or yoga. Exercise releases endorphins, feel-good chemicals that can set you up for a day of pleasure.

Journal Your Intentions

Write down your intentions for the day in an actual journal, not on your phone. This practice has been shown to improve memory and information retention, as well as help you focus on what's important. Whether your intention is to feel sexy or to engage in activities that light up your senses, it's important to prioritize your pleasure.

With a morning routine that empowers you and fosters calm, it's easier to feel sexy and confident throughout the day. Take time to nourish yourself and prioritize your pleasure, and you'll be rewarded with positive energy and fulfillment. For more tips on how to enhance your sex life, sign up for my weekly newsletter.

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