The perfect Christmas gift for her - Kegel balls

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It is the season and with Christmas coming up soon you might want to start looking for a present for your lady. This year why not go for something that will equally please her as much as it will please you? Kegel balls are a unique sex toy you might want to consider.

Spice up your x-mas with a unique present

Let us be honest: Finding the perfect Christmas present can be a hustle and often we end up buying something rather random because we just could not come up with a really good idea. At the same time, we would all like to be the ones that found the perfect present and really make our partner happy and ourselves memorable, right?

Well, then it is time to spice up the gift list with something that suits a modern and self-confident woman perfectly: Kegel balls. Not only will they bring pleasure as well as better health to your partner but even more also add to your sex life.

Kegel balls - what they are

Kegel balls, also known as love balls or pleasure balls are assigned to sex toys, although they are not necessarily used during the actual intercourse. Still, they can have a great effect on intercourse and increase both hers and your pleasure. So, what is all the magic about? Kegel balls are usually attached and connected to a string and are made of either metal or body compatible plastic. They come along in different sizes and in different weights - and that is where the fun begins.

By inserting Kegel balls into her vagina, a woman can for one train her pelvic floor and gain more control over her pelvic muscles. Now before you think about the advantages that might include for you, let us look at the advantages it has specifically for her: Women generally profit from strengthening their pelvic floor and muscles, not only regarding the loss of control when becoming older but also keeping everything in place for a longer time. Furthermore, wearing Kegel balls enables women to enjoy a pleasurable sensation all by themselves due to the weights respectively the metal balls inside each Kegel balls. By moving around or contracting her pelvic muscles the metal balls within the Kegel balls move around and create vibrations, which then cause the pelvic floor muscles to contract. That trains and stimulates them equally.

Well trained means tight

Now let us get into why Kegel balls are such a delight for both partners a bit more. Everyone knows that a trained muscle is a tight muscle, and this applies to the pelvic floor muscle as well. By training with Kegel balls not only does the vaginal entrance area become narrower, but the woman can also control the muscles better and squeeze them. Also, with having trained and tightened pelvic floor muscles, the woman feels the partner's penetration more intensely which leads to an intoxicating and long-lasting orgasm.

On the other hand, her partner will benefit from the tightness of her vaginal area because the stimulation of your penis will be far stronger during sex and you will therefore experience a much more intense climax.

Summarized by gifting your lady a pair of Kegel balls you will surely benefit her as well as yourself and the love life of both of you. And remember: As with almost everything, make sure to use enough lube while inserting the Kegel balls.

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