The best ways to help her climax

Modern and well-behaved men do not only focus on their own pleasure during sexual intercourse but are rather as interested in their partner orgasming. But while men are eager to provide, women often have difficulties to come. So, what can men do, to assist their female counterparts in enjoying the full range of sexual pleasure?

The delicate thing called female orgasm

The female orgasm is a delicate thing and not always as easy to achieve. Different from men, women often need a bit more for reaching orgasm and do not react as quickly to sexual intercourse or penetration. Despite movies and especially porn might leave you thinking that women orgasm as easy as men, that’s often not reality.

Women, in general, might need a bit more time to get into the mood, really feel aroused, and therefore also a bit longer to get wet as well as or even more to reach climax. My recommendation for men regarding this point is, above all, to not take this personally. Female pleasure is complex and simply not as easy to achieve. Give yourself as well as your partner the time to get it on and heat things up - I can assure you that with enough patience both of you will get the best out of it and enjoy the best possible outcome. After all, even if your partner might not climax, she can still have a wonderfully satisfying time with you and fully enjoy herself.

Ways to raise the odds

Although the female orgasm is not the one and only thing to be concerned about, you can still try to raise the odds of it happening as high as possible. Whereas for that it is good to be aware that there are, shortly put, two ways to achieve female orgasm. While some women climax due to penetration, others might come due to clitoral stimulation. Maybe your partner also needs both to reach her climax. Whatsoever, considering these two approaches you might want to find ways to stimulate both, her clit as well as her vagina. So here are some positions that make this easier to achieve:

Cowgirl - her on top

Many women really enjoy being on top. This position grants them full control and gives them the chance to go as fast or slow, as hard or soft, and as deep as they want and need it. Next to that, it also enables them to not only get vaginal stimulation but also stimulate their clit by pressing it on your pelvic bone. And let’s be honest: Watching your lady while riding you, no matter if facing you or with her back towards you, is a very nice thing to experience.

Doggy - her on all four in front of you

Despite the broad assumption that doggy style is something especially men enjoy, women often enjoy this position equally. That is due to the fact, that this position enables really deep stimulation. Especially for women who come thanks to penetration that is perfect. Further, in this position, either you or your counterpart can additionally stimulate her clit with your or her hand. Like this, you achieve both: Deep penetration and joyful clitoral stimulation, no matter if you chose to kneel or be standing.

Alignment - get pressure on her clit

In general, one can say that any position that increases pressure on your female partners clit is welcomed since many women need this additional sensation for climaxing. Therefore, try to find ways to align your hip, more precisely your pelvic bone with her pelvis and clit. This might be by adding a pillow under her bum so that the angle of her hip changes accordingly and her pelvis gets closer to your pelvis. You can also align your upper body accordingly, by moving further up when you are above her. Like this again your pelvic bone will get in a position where you can easier apply pressure. And of course, treating your partner and her vulva with an extra round of oral satisfaction.

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