The 5 female pleasure spots you need to know

A woman's body is a mystery: undiscovered erogenous zones are hidden everywhere. Knowing where the hot spots of your counterpart are, is not only helpful, it also makes you a better lover. So, let’s look at the 5 pleasure spots you need to know.

#1 Her neck & collarbone

The first hot spot I would like to talk about is one you do not have to look too far for finding. A woman’s neck, as well as her collarbone, are not only beautiful to look at. They are also easy to reach and an amazingly effective spot to tease and please. If you are not sure, how to treat a woman’s neck and collarbone, let me give you a hint: Of course, kissing is always a valid option whereas you can vary by delicate, soft kisses and more intense ones, accompanied by some suckling and tongue work. Running your tongue along her neck and collarbone will drive a woman crazy and make her crave for more. Even just softly breathing on it, will make her react. Other than that, you can also use your thumbs and create little circles up and down the backside of her neck, from her shoulder blades up to the hairline.

#2 The inside of her arms & her wrists

As on the neck and the collarbone, the skin covering a woman’s inner part of the arms is very thin as well. So here is clearly another hot spot you can use to make her go nuts. Even by simply letting your fingers gently run along the inside of her arms you can make sure, that she goes goosebumps on you and gives herself to you without hesitation. The same goes for her wrists and her fingers as well. With a log of nerve endings being there again, you can really trigger a beautiful sensation by simply stroking them gently or even using your lips and tongue to give them the extra treatment. You can again be sure, that when this hot spot is treated right you will be able to reap the lustful fruits of your work afterward.

#3 Her breasts

If you did a good job with the mentioned pleasure spots above, you will now for sure be able to get to the next hot spot of your lady: Her breasts. As much as of a delight it for you to look and touch her breasts, remember that they are also an erogenous zone for her. I recommend you start out slowly and progressively work towards a higher intensity. Remember that her breasts include several different pleasure spots and make sure to feed them all. Start out by kissing and stroking her cleavage, before moving on to her breasts. When there, do not just squeeze them, instead start slowly again. Let your fingers circle her entire breast and draw a line around it and let that circle become smaller and smaller. Kiss and lick her nipples gently and start suckling them. Always remember to initiate softly and build up the intensity while going. If you take your time to really work through all of this, you might even give your partner her first orgasm before even getting to the actual sex act.

#4 Her tummy

In general, a woman’s stomach is very close to her holiest and therefore very sensitive, especially the area around the navel. You can stimulate this area by massaging it with big circling movements with your palms. If your woman likes it, you can also use your thumbs to specifically stimulate the area right around the navel. Also, by simply placing your palm on her stomach while giving your attention to another body part can give her a nice and welcomed sense of hotness and by putting a little pressure in it is even capable of sending impulses down to her vagina.

#5 Her vulva

This is clearly the core of your partner's erogenous zones but also the one to treat with the most attention. Different to what some men may assume, this zone consists of more than just the vagina. Start out by focussing on her mons veneris and letting it receive your kisses. Then work your way to the outer and inner labia, where you can again use your lips but also your tongue to caress and give her a sensational feeling. After this, it is time to focus on the vagina by entering it with one or two fingers and gently pushing against the vaginal wall. Make sure, that she is wet enough or otherwise use your saliva or lubricant. After all this, you may now devote yourself to her clit, whereas it is important to remember, that there are so many nerve endings there, that even the slightest touch might be too much or mind-blowing. So, make sure to always observe her reaction and again start out soft and slow and progress along the way.

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