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Sexy wellness trends for 2023

Updated: May 18, 2023

Sex trends are just as relevant for the upcoming season as we hear about health and well-being, fitness, and fashion trends. So why not draw inspiration from the sexual wellness trends of 2022 if your sex life needs a reboot? With these sultry sex trends, you may make your upcoming high-end escort encounter the finest one yet.

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Sexual freedom

There is a focus on sexual freedom and the willingness of both partners in a relationship to be more sexually expressive and adventurous when I look at the sex trends that are hot in this year. What does this entail for you, then? Thrilling extramarital encounters with someone not in your relationship. People are becoming more and more forthcoming about their sexual desires, including the inclusion of third parties, like myself, in intimate situations. All of your fantasies seem to be set to come true in 2023!

Self pleasure

The likelihood is that you had your first sexual experience alone.

This year, self-indulgence is a cause for celebration. The category of self-care now includes self-pleasure. We are now encouraged to have more orgasms, both with and without a partner, as we are all aware of the health benefits they provide. Self-indulgence need not be something you do on your own. You can introduce it to a meeting and utilize it as a seductive, instructive demonstration for your elite escort, showcasing your preferences and vice versa.

Sensory sex

Once more, this ties in with the body exploration sex trend theme for this year. The five senses are stimulated while having sensory sex with your companion. Simply speaking up when you are experiencing intense passion with your partner is the first step in embracing this trend. While your companion is pleasing you, groan or express your preferences by doing so. Then, use candles or fragrant massage oils to stimulate your sense of smell, and utilize mirrors to give you something to look at.


When we think of sex, we typically think of intercourse, but this year, foreplay is in the spotlight. This indicates that non-penetrative sex in all its forms is about to regain its former heyday. This covers all sexually gratifying behaviors, such as flirtation, oral gratification, and massages. Of course, to add to the enjoyment, this can entail sex toys, wax, chains, roleplay, and props. This may make every encounter much more explosive and is a terrific way to demonstrate how you prefer to be touched.

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