Sex at the beach - some things you might want to consider

Yes, I know, having sex at the beach is something many people and especially women fantasize about. Picturing oneself watching the sunset and hearing the waves coming ashore, feeling the light sea breeze on your skin, it all seems very sensual and romantic. Still, in my experience, there are some things you might want to consider for making sure the experience holds up to your fantasy.

Things to remember when planning a beach encounter

As nice as it might seem to meet up at the beach and pay each other some sweet and extra attention, you need to remember the most important thing about a beach: It is made out of sand. Not just a bit, but really a lot of sand, everywhere. And that sand is going to find its way on to your bodies and from there it will continue its way and reach places you did not even know could have sand in them. And believe me when I say: Sand is not quite as a lubricant as you would want it to be. On the contrary, sand rather works like sandpaper and has the potential to make not only yourself but also your female counterpart feel rather uncomfortable.

Also, you need to keep in mind that the beach and its sand are home to a lot of little creatures, such as sandfleas. And last but not least having sex in a public place is often prohibited and illegal, and if you get caught, the night will possibly not end up with the happy end you imagined.

How to ensure your beach date gets as good as you want

Despite all the downsides as mentioned above, I have to admit that meeting up at the beach and having some good body action still is very intriguing. Because yes, the site of a beach has quite some perks, such as an awesome view, accompanied by the laid back feeling while maybe having a drink and enjoying the sounds and sensations.

For making sure that those pre-dispositions end up with a happy ending, here some piece of advice:

Remember the blanket

As I have pointed out, not only does sand not feel as good combined with thrusting moves, it is also the habitat to little fellows you do not want ending up granting you with their little bites. So if you are planning to have a nice and spicy time at the beach, take a blanket with you, if possible a big one.

Maybe try out some raised positions

Since you are trying to avoid getting sand into places it does not belong to, you might want to consider some other sex positions other than laying down. The further you get your body above the sand the better. So consider working it kneeling or even standing. Maybe you can also find a nice spot leaning on a tree or use a sunbed instead.

Stay open for change of plans

Last but not least, if you or your counterpart gets uncomfortable during the process, be open to changing your location. There is nothing wrong with starting out your sexual adventure at the beach and continuing it otherwhere. Even more, take the opportunity to follow up on the built-up tension while having a hot shower together and then, for example, enjoy yourselves on the kitchen table, the couch, the cool floor or even with a view on the balcony ;)

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