Rebuilding the passion in a broken relationship

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Rebuilding the passion in a broken relationship

Has your relationship gone dull? Are you both working your ass off, have the arguments increased the sex life decreased and you both are starting to wonder what you are doing here?

This is not by any means a good part of a relationship and for most people, this would be when they decide to take the final step and break up. Instead of taking a massive leap for the worse straight away why don't you try to save what you have got? It is a mutual effort to be in a relationship and sometimes when the light is faltering and it is starting to look like the end is near don’t give up that easy!

Remember all the good times you’ve had and why you two got together in the first place! It might be time to find that connection again. Almost all relationships start off great, you are in love, it is new, sex is great but then life gets in the way. When you are comfortable enough with each other and issues arise you end up taking frustrations out on each other which leads to anger, bad vibes, and even a decreased want for sex, with your partner. Eventually, this might lead to you two break up.

The best way to save a shaky relationship is to go away on a holiday or vacation and relax together. Take your girlfriend to a nice location, check in to a secluded accommodation, spread sensual rose petals over the bed and the bathtub. Take a sexy bath together, have amazing sex, and go out for a nice dinner. Rediscover your love passion and the reason you two got together in the first place.

If you are treating your girlfriend the best romantic and sexy thing to do together to rebuild the passion is to go on a love holiday. If you are taking her out to dinner go somewhere nice or somewhere that sparks a memory. If you have a restaurant where you met or did you have your first kiss in Pizza Hut, go there, experience the memories. What most women enjoy is going to a nice restaurant, having some wine, and a nice conversation. Go for a stroll on the beach together at sunset, lie down, and watch the stars. Appreciate your woman, kiss her, slip a hand inside her dress, excite her! Hands down ALL real women enjoy being taken by their men. Show her your masculine side, show her how much you want her, be passionate, and don’t be afraid to be a bit forceful. Appreciate her body, tell her how sexy she is and how much you want her.

Make hot steamy love on the beach, who cares if someone is watching, you are proud to be with your woman, right there, and then it is just you two! So when your relationship is failing and times are getting rough, don't give up, give it one last try away from reality to rebuild your relationship before you let go!

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