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My routine when getting ready for a friend.

Updated: May 3, 2023

I spend a lot of time getting ready for meetings. I can definitely say that I have OCD personality. I love perfecting every aspect of my appearance to the best of my ability in an imperfect world. I begin by giving myself a warm, bubble bath. I include a lavender bath bomb and sea salts. Lavender is my favorite, and I adore Lush bath bombs. I could stay in my bath all day. I don't care about time. After all, it doesn't even exist, right?

I just slink into the bathtub and put on a Pink Floyd record since I sleep naked. "Wish You Were Here" is my pick for the day. I relax in my garden tub, allowing the warm water to caress my delicate, pale skin. I savor the experience as I gently scrub my skin with a natural loofah. across my attractive body.

I'm imagining my upcoming rendezvous with you, my friend, and the unusual vices we might indulge in. After that, I feel sexy, clean, and calm. I exit the building and take a fluffy white towel. I dry off with a towel and enter my closet. I always wear sensual undergarments with my clothes. I adore how it makes me feel, strong, and prepared to take charge. Create fantasy and enjoy it to the fullest.

I choose a pair of exquisite French stockings and a matching black garter belt. A see-through bra that shows a glimpse of nipples when the wind blows over me. Or if I unintentionally brush my friend's body. I decide on a skirt, a top, and a pair of jet-black heels to finish the look. My hair and makeup seem attractive. My toes and nails are painted a seductive red shade, and they are always clean and well-maintained. Red siren lipstick gives my naturally pouty lips the finishing touch, and I'm ready to go have some fun.

Yes, getting ready took me three hours, but the effort is always worthwhile in the end. Because I spend so much time getting ready for you my friend, who I am seeing, so you feel special and that makes me feel pampered. The last time a gorgeous woman spent hours getting ready for you was when? Perhaps you ought to pamper yourself more frequently.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that getting ready for a meet-up doesn't have to take much time, but doing so it really elevates my experience. I appreciate being romanced, so whatever tiny effort you make to demonstrate that you care about my enjoyment will go a long way toward improving how I perceive you before the session especially as I put 110% effort into getting ready for you. So call me. Your new addiction will be me.


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Unknown member
Jul 27, 2022

Wow this is so incredible Fawn. Cannot wait to meet you.

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