Merry Sex-mas - despite the family being all around

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It is the season - the season of happiness, and love, and foremost family. Although it might be absolutely nice to have family over for the holidays, it might also make things a bit more difficult when it comes to having sex with your loved one. Here are some tips from me.

Merry, merry - and hot as well

Christmas is one of the nicest times of the year. The house is decorated, everything glows, cookies and the Christmas tree make your place smell like heaven, the excitement of finding the right gift for everybody is tangible and love is all around, as they say. It is also the one holiday where the entire family gathers together and even spends more than just one day together.

While all that is truly lovely and spending time with family is great, a full house still has its challenges when it comes to enjoying yourself with your partner. Your usual spots might not be free, because your brother might be sleeping on your couch and the second bedroom might be occupied by your mum and dad and so on. Additionally, during the daytime the house can become quite crowded with everybody going about their things.

4 tips for having sex with a full house

So what can you do if you still can’t and don’t want to withhold yourself from having sex with your partner during these days? Well, make the best of it - and work the perks the situation has to offer.

#1 Work the excitement

Having your family around and occupying your space while your lady looks sexy as hell with that sweet red Santas hat on can drive you crazy. So why not use that pressure and make it work for yourself. Let her know how horny she makes you feel by sexting her. Tell her what you would like to do to her, how and where, and remember to it bit by bit. This way you can turn your pressure into excitement and fuel the heat between you.

#2 Arrange a secret get-together

For making things even a bit more exciting by teaming up and arranging your get-together without anybody knowing. Slipping away secretly and sneaking around to find the perfect hidden spot adds even more fun to the whole experience and will make you both feel like Bonnie and Clyde.

#3 Silence things as good as possible

Especially if you or your partner belong to the group of rather loud lovers, make sure to find the right timing to have your tête-à-tête and maybe wait until an hour after the lights go out and everybody is asleep. You can also go for the option of putting on some music, that might drown out all of the fun you are having.

#4 Go for pillows instead of a squeaky bed

Instead of having your play in your bed, which might squeak and give away your secret take all the pillows you can get a hold on and place them on the floor. Not only can you avoid any noises coming from the bed - or any other furniture by the way - but also get into a really nice position this way. With all the pillows on the floor, the men can have a semi-seat on them, and the lady can sit down on him, with her feet touching the ground. Like this, she can fully control the rhythm and tempo and by her moving up and down rather than trusting you can again minimize noises.

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