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Life Updates & Longer Dates

Updated: May 18, 2023

This summer's magnificent warmth caused me to reevaluate whether or not I prefer summer over autumn. The carefree, long summer days that turned into leisurely weeks of outside meals and time with friends were nevertheless enjoyable, even if I am aware that they are a result of an environmental problem. My decision to reserve a month-long vacation in this summer implies that I may have actually evolved into a summer person.

fawn the asian at the beach

But as the trees change from their brilliant green to their dark, dramatic, and fiery red, orange, brown, and yellow hues, I recall why fall was, for so many years, my favorite season. It's breathtakingly lovely. I find the gloomy nights seductive, and as I spend 80% of my time in noir, I absolutely enjoy autumnal attire. Although I miss the sunshine, my summer wardrobe was not near as beautifully delectable. Instead, it was filled with texture, leather, lace, suede, cashmere, silk, and monochrome, temptingly tight, structured, and cut garments.

This month, I have revised the donations on my website, and I've liked all the great response. Thank you! The primary image for this blog came from a recent photo shoot I did (verified gents can see more in the gallery). Soon, I'll publish additional photos. Additionally, I am looking to get some more images done soon, let me know in the comments on some outfit suggestions!

I also wanted to say a brief thank you for all the lovely generosity around my current tour. I'll be providing some date ideas for autumn and winter, as my blogs on longer dates have proven to be popular. I will still be touring over the next few weeks, so let's schedule some time between now and December!

Four to Six Hour Dinner Date

This could refer to brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, or of course the traditional dinner date. Because there are so many amazing destinations we can travel to, food experiences are some of my favorites. From taking afternoon tea or dining on tasting menus in New York to enjoying coffee and cake or savory snacks over in San Fransisco. The minimal amount of time I advise for this is four hours, which gives you plenty of time alone. Consider five to six hours for afternoon tea or tasting meals, or of course overnight.

Six—Ten Hour Exploration Date

Longer dates give us more time to bond, explore, watch a show, and unwind. Six to ten hours (for example, 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.) can be a suitable length if you'd want a longer date but not an overnight one. I recently went on a first date with someone who was making their first trip to the States that lasted six hours. We took a lunchtime dinner date, a ride on the tour bus, and a leisurely stroll around some delectable architecture and parks before dinner and a hot session. This pairing makes for a unique dating idea. I enjoy exploring familiar areas of a city through the eyes of a visitor to serve as a reminder of how fortunate I am to live here.

Costly actions are not required on longer dates. If the weather permits, we may go through some of the fantastic free exhibits wherever we are like museums etc. The architecture in the States is amazing and also wonderful to explore. We can also go exploring in an artistic neighborhood or just chat over a few cocktails in one of the city's chic and sexy bars.


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