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Let scents create the perfect erotic ambience

I am sure you have heard of it before: Scents have a huge effect on us. We subconsciously react to all sorts of sensations, one of them being what we smell. It is therefore only logical to use them as an additional touch during a sexual encounter.

Natural Scents for Intimacy | Let Scents Create the Perfect Erotic Ambience | Dating with Fawn | Philadelphia, PA, USA

Scents & human emotions

We all have them: Certain scents that instantly trigger something in us. It might be that a specific scent reminds us of the cosy feeling we had when visiting grandma as a kid, of the beautiful emotion we felt back when we first fell in love or the hot sensation we enjoyed during a special sexual encounter. Scents are strongly connected to situations and the emotions we had during those situations. Also, scents have a huge effect on whether we like or dislike somebody - without us even knowing why it is so, it simply is how it is.

Therefore scents can also play a big role when it comes to creating the perfect ambience for a romantic or also just sexual encounter. So let us look at which scents are told to be helpful when it comes to lust and sex in general.

Perfumes are not what you should focus on

While many think that using perfume is the best way to add to seduction, I am sorry to tell that this is not the case. On the contrary, many people react badly to artificial scents and even show allergic reactions or other negative effects such as headache when perfume is used around them.

What you should focus on way more are natural scents - more specifically scents deriving from food. So next time you are looking for scents to work the mood, take a walk through your kitchen.

Erotic Foreplay | Let Scents Create the Perfect Erotic Ambience | Dating with Fawn | Philadelphia, PA, USA


Vanilla is known as a huge booster for male sexual potency. It is known as a natural aphrodisiac that also brings along relaxation and euphoria. All over the world, it is said that vanilla is what will produce happy feelings - why else does everybody love vanilla ice cream. So why not simply place some vanilla stalks close to your bed or even have a vanilla shake together for starters. Vanilla candles will work as well and even more add a nice light to your sexual experience.

Black liquorice

Black liquorice is told to effect especially the female sex drive. Studies have shown that it is the most potent when combined with cucumber and that the well known and good old candy works magic with women. So remember to place some liquorice candy close to you.


There is a reason why many people love Christmas and it is not the presents they get but much more the cinnamon scent that is used more than normal during this holiday. Why? Because cinnamon is one of the most pleasant aromas for almost everybody. But also, cinnamon increases the penile blood flow. My tip, therefore: Buy some cinnamon oil and rub some a little drop onto your or your partner's genitals. Believe me, you will both absolutely enjoy the sensation.

Natural Scents for Intimacy | Let Scents Create the Perfect Erotic Ambience | Dating with Fawn | Philadelphia, PA, USA


Studies have also shown that men react positively to the scent of citrus. It appears that not only does it give them the impression of youth but also arouses them. How convenient that there are so many different shower gels, body lotions as well as massage oils and ambience sprays with a citrus scent.


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