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Let’s eat - food to boost your libido

With restaurants being closed for quite some time in certain regions we’ve gotten used to eating at home. Whether your order home delivery or cook by yourself, I’m quite sure, you’re not making the most of it. So let us look at how your dinners could become the starting point of your next sexual adventure.

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The power of aphrodisiac foods

Have you ever thought about how convenient it is, that many of us need to eat at home right now? Well, I believe it is very convenient because there is simply more privacy and therefore also freedom. You can not only dress however you want, sit however you want and follow your own tempo, but you can also and foremost do whatever you want. While in a public restaurant even the boldest of us do not cross a certain behavioural limit, at home you can feel free to do whatever you come up with - or wherever your mood leads you to.

Now, of course, I would not be me, if I would not have some spicy ideas ready for this situation. Whereas I do not want to talk about the surroundings this time - I hope you are well educated enough to know how to create the right ambience, no matter if it shall be romantic, sexy, relaxed or whatsoever.

What I want to look at today is rather the ingredients of what you eat - because oh boy, can those make a difference!

Aphrodisiac Foods - what are they

#1 Maca

Maca is an Incan root that is often used for tea and is told to increase energy, stamina, fertility and libido as well. So why not begin your evening with a tea and let Peru’s “natural Viagra” do its magic.

#2 Ginseng

While we are talking tea, let us also talk about Ginseng. The herb is told to be helpful for libido as well as sexual performance since it is likely to affect the central nervous system and alter hormones in the process.

#3 Pumpkin

Who would have thought that this Halloween accessory could also help you boost things up. With its high amount of fibre and potassium, it is told to boost your stamina while at the same time the magnesium it contains is good for your nerves and muscles.

#4 Asparagus

Not only does asparagus’ phallic shape have the potential to lead your mind to the sexual direction, but by containing a lot of vitamin E it can increase oxygen and blood flow to the genitals and in addition also affect sex hormone production due to the high levels of potassium that it contains.

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#5 Whipped Cream

Did I get you? Well, admittedly whipped cream does not contain anything that could possibly be called an aphrodisiac. What I want to point out here much more is, that at the end of the day it is not just about whether or not what you ate contained aphrodisiac or not. It is way more about what you made out of it. Let us use whipped cream as an example: Basically, it only is what it is called, cream that has been whipped. And still licked from a finger, from a neckline or even the corner of your mouth it has a huge potential to be more than any aphrodisiac. And the same goes for honey, melted chocolate, champagne or whatever your fridge and kitchen have to offer.

So, remember to keep things open and go with the flow. Always stay playful and add some sassy fun to it and then I am sure that your dinners will be much more pleasant on many levels in the near future.


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