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I’ve been told more than once by gentleman who have captured my attention, that once they’ve experienced pleasure at the professional level, they have a difficult time reacclimating to intimacy with “civilian” women.

In short, I suppose I have a tendency to “ruin” men a bit, at least when it comes to other women. But I can’t say that I harbor much remorse. In fact, I consider what I do a gift. Most gentlemen I meet claim that once they’ve spent time with a professional companion such as myself, traditional dating just doesn’t bring them the same satisfaction it once did.

I don’t mean to sound elitist, but when one prioritizes pleasure and decadence in their life, as I do, they come to possess a breadth and depth of understanding of the corporeal delights that is difficult for someone who approaches pleasure simply as a hobby, or a past time, rather than a lifestyle or a mission, to replicate.

For me, pleasure is a practice, as well as a passion, and I have lived my life in the pursuit of deepening my knowledge of all that arouses and delights, which gives me a more than unique perspective when it comes to intimacy.

While some of my gentleman companions bemoan the fact that after our time together, they have much higher standards and expectations when it comes to romance and chemistry, I believe that this condition is nothing short of a blessing in disguise.

Once one has seen and experienced the heights of pleasure and the depths of intimacy that is possible between two bodies, hearts, and minds, it would be a great tragedy to turn one’s back on that knowledge, once it has been unlocked.

I hope that our time together helps you discover new possibilities and that what we both experience ignites your imagination, leaving you thirsting for more. My wish for you is that following the time we spend together, you will never settle for mediocrity again. I know what we find during our time together will change you forever, and perhaps “ruin” your ability to be satisfied by lesser experiences. I have no shame in admitting that I aim to elevate your expectations and desires, permanently. Moving forward, you will only be unsatisfied should you willingly deny yourself the opportunity to fully engage with, and pursue that which sets your heart on fire.

When you peer beyond the expected and immerse yourself in that which you truly desire, you’ll find that every aspect of your life will begin to bloom and you will find fulfillment in ways you had never imagined.

Now that doesn’t sound like such a terrible fate, now does it?

I look forward to ruining you. ;)

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