It is time for a breastgasm

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We are all aware of the fact, that women can have vaginal and clitoral orgasms. We have all talked about that special hotspot called the clitoris and also about the famous G-spot. But what about her breasts? Did you know, you can give your lady an orgasm by treating her breasts? Well, this is indeed an option, and here is how you will get there.

The female body is complex - as well as the male body of course. It is a huge field of nerve pathways connecting different body parts to each other and letting sensations flow through our entire body and ignite neuronal reactions in our brain. Hence by touching your partner’s ankle, you might get a reaction in his groin, depending on if he likes being touched in the ankle or not.

Now, of course, we all know that two very sensitive and pleasurable spots to “work” on during a sexual encounter with a lady are her clit and her vagina. What is not as known though, is that by granting her breasts some attention it is possible to reach the same areas in her brain as if we were giving her clit or vagina a treat and therefore achieve the same hormonal reaction that causes her to not only get horny but also wet. Way time to look at the possibilities of a breastgasm!

Slow & steady - step by step towards a breastgasm

Compliments & no rush

First of all, and as so often, make sure not to rush anything. Especially if she is not used to you (or somebody else) focussing on her breast, make sure that she feels comfortable about it. A good way to start out is by simply complimenting her on her breasts. After all, the breasts are the epitome of femininity. Therefore, by looking (not staring!) at and complimenting them, you empower your partner in her femininity and give her a sense of being beautiful and admired. That will not only make her feel nice but also boost her self-confidence.

No need to be naked at first

As with everything when it comes to seducing someone the game begins far before you get naked. Make sure to get in contact with her breasts while still being dressed and at least at the beginning pair it with another action as for example kissing her deep and intensely. Remember that the sensation of a good, long French kiss activates directly the brain region that is in charge of her horniness and sends out the message to her vulva as well. At the same time, the turn-on will definitely lead to her nipples getting hard, which will make it easier for you to proceed with your “work”.

Breasts are not a stress ball

While at the beginning you should focus on caressing her breasts, gently brushing along the sides and the underline of them you can then, and only then, proceed to become a bit more intense about it. But watch out: Her breasts are not some kind of stress ball that you squeeze like there is no tomorrow. Yes, placing your entire palm on them and getting a hold of them is a nice thing to do, but never forget to check her reaction and even ask her if she would like it harder or not.

Kiss, lick & suckle

Now comes the time to extend your focus to her nipples. They will be quite hard and bigger by now, so it will be easy for you to - again fist gently - play with them. You can use your lips, your tongue as well as your fingertips for that and focus on giving her different sensations. Also do not forget to also pay your tribute to the areola, the space around her nipples. From kissing all parts of her breasts, to licking them and tongue-playing with her nipples up to suckling on them, be creative and use all your tools.

Go all the way

Last but not least, remember that not all women are the same. While some explode in an epic breastgasm, others might need a bit more to get there. The ways of female orgasms are as unique as the ladies are themselves. By watching out for her reaction, being patient, and really giving your all to the task, you will for sure become a sweet and hot memory to her, even if she did not breastgasm.

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