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How to combat loneliness

More and more people experience the feeling of loneliness on a regular basis and struggle to find ways to combat it. At the same time studies have shown, that feeling lonely can also affect your mental health. So let us look at the subject and talk about ways to get over this unpleasant feeling.

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Loneliness - what it is about

First things first: Being alone does not necessarily equal feeling lonely and loneliness can be different for each one of us. Also, we all feel lonely from time to time and that is okay. Looking at the common description, loneliness describes the feeling we get when we are lacking rewarding social contact and relationships.

So, while we can choose to be alone, loneliness is rather a state of mind that hits us and can not really be controlled by us. In other words, you can very well feel loneliness even if you are in a relationship, are part of a group of friends or a family, or regularly have social contact. This happens especially when you do not feel understood, seen, supported, or cared for by the people surrounding you.

Causes of loneliness

As I have pointed out already, you might feel lonely because you do not feel truly connected to the people around you. But the causes of loneliness are many and different and can vary big times from person to person.

Often we can not really say where the cause for our loneliness lies and what makes us feel lonely. What experience tells us is that there are certain life events that are more likely to leave us feeling lonely:

● When we lose someone important to us;

● When we go through a break-up;

● When we move to a new city or country and do not have family, friends, or community networks around;

● In general when we start something new, like a new job or university, and have not found our peers yet.

At the same time, some of us might also feel loneliness during certain times of the year, such as around our birthday, Christmas or other festive days and so on. But as I have said: Loneliness has many faces and might feel different and be caused by different things for each one of us.

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How to tackle loneliness - let me help you

The first step to tackling loneliness is to recognise that you feel lonely. Only then can you think about the reason and maybe start finding ways to get rid of that feeling again. While the solution might very well be based on the cause of your loneliness, there is one thing that will for sure help you feel at least less lonely: Develop at least one quality relationship. Because this is the place you will find attention, understanding, and feel supported and cared for and by that, you will be able to get rid of the loneliness you feel.

And that is exactly where I can help you. As an experienced companion and due to being very passionate about providing the best possible companionship by thoroughly observing where your desires lay and fully understanding what you like and wish for, you will absolutely feel seen. Due to that, you can be sure that the time we spend together will definitely be quality social time - no matter what we do. If you enjoy taking walks, let us take a walk. If you are in search of somebody to converse with over dinner and spend a relaxed evening with, this is exactly what we shall have. So, if you are looking for the company of an intelligent, understanding, interested, witty and also elegant and funny companion then get in touch with me. I am most definitely sure that together we can conquer your loneliness and create a great experience for both of us.


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An intelligent, understanding, interested, witty and also elegant and funny companion | Dating with Fawn | Philadelphia, PA, USA

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