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Hot & steamy - Sex in the shower

When thinking of sex it’s needless to say, that the bed isn’t the only place to enjoy yourself. Sex is versatile and if you are too the options of where to have sex are almost infinite. Of course, I myself have a variety of preferences, but one space I really like having sex in is the shower. Let me show you why.

Despite what you hear about shower sex and how uncomfortable it can be, enjoying yourself with your partner in the shower has definitely its perks. More precisely: Shower sex can be really hot.

Having sex in the shower is a boost to your senses. | Hot & Steamy - Sex in the Shower | Dating with Fawn | Philadelphia, PA, USA

Having sex in the shower is a boost to your senses

For one, sex in the shower has a certain sense of urgency to it, which makes it more exciting. After all, you are not going to stay in the shower for an endless amount of time, it is more of an in-between pleasure. That’s why having sex in the shower is always adding sparkle and makes the whole situation more exciting.

Furthermore having hot water dribbling on and soothing your skin is not only relaxing but also very sensual. While your muscles relax due to the warmth of the water, feeling the water rinsing down your body can be a real turn-on. Due to the additional sensation, your tactile senses go full-on and enhance your sensation overall. The steam, the different aromas wafting through the air, and the cascading water are aphrodisiacs of the best kind.

Also, let’s not forget the delight of seeing each other naked and wet. The visual sensation adds to the experience as well and get’s one more of your sense going. Watching all the traces and drops of water running down your body and the body of your partner is more than awesome. And if you add the goosebumps created by the difference of temperature and the excitement, the visuals you receive will for sure make your horniness peak.

Having a shower together is additionally a great opportunity to see each other naked. It can be a nice way of viewing your partner’s body and get to know it better while also enjoying a cleansing ritual together. Therefore taking a shower together is a very likely way, to begin with from the start.

How to enhance sex in the shower

Yes, having sex in the shower can also be challenging. But believe me, if I say, that there are some very simple things to do, to ensure that the experience becomes an unforgettable one.

Of course, choosing a place to stay that has a big and spacious shower or bathtub is the best way to ensure that you don’t have to huddle up in an awkward way. The more space you have, the easier it is to move and the more positions you can try out. Thankfully I personally have a flexible body and therefore have better predispositions to get into creative positions in restricted space as well.

Next to the size of the space, you can also add to the experience by creating a nice atmosphere. Why not light one or even a bunch of candles and give the shower a romantic, pleasant touch? You can even use candles with an additional sent to them, to make the whole room smell enchanting and boost the sensual, bewitching atmosphere.

Last but not least there are specific sex positions that are especially suited for sex in the shower. But no worries, as a well-experienced lover I can surely help you out with that and find the best fitting and lustful posit

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