Hot hot summer - sex during hot weather

With summer hitting the half hemisphere days become even warmer and hotter and for many of us, lust rises. But raising lust alone does not help with the fact that it is simply hot and that the high temperatures might have a toll on our physical wellbeing. But now worries, here are some thoughts helping you ensure a pleasureful and enjoyable sex encounter despite high temperatures.

During summer not only temperatures rise, but also out lust and horniness. That is nothing weird but rather a natural physical reaction of our body to the surrounding circumstances. For one, the warm temperatures increase our blood circulation and with more blood rushing through our sexual organs they are more sensitive and get aroused way faster. Second due to the bigger amount of sunlight our body produces more serotonin and we generally feel more energized. And then, of course, our clothes become lighter and shorter and therefore we are visually fed more hotness by all the skin showing. So you feeling hornier during summer is a rather logical and natural phenomenon.

On the other hand, even just walking around will have you sweating during a hot day, so having sex will get the swear running even more. Also, due to the higher temperature, your blood pressure might react more sensitive and you might feel like losing strength during an intense sexual encounter. Therefore, it is clever to find ways of having sex that keep you as cool as possible and ensure safe and pleasurable fun.

How to get down in summer

The right position

In the end, you will sweat in every sexual position, after all having good sex always includes being physically active and therefore also sweating. But there are positions that give you a greater chance of not getting as heated and sweaty. Basically every sex position that allows a certain distance between you and your partner’s body is a good choice. For instance let her ride you, like this, your upper bodies can be apart from each other, and cooling air can touch a great amount of your body. Of course, the same comes with the doggy style, no matter if your partner is kneeling on the bed as well as you or if your partner is, for example, laying on the table and you are standing behind her.

The right time

According to health studies your body has the highest testosterone level in the morning. Therefore you are well energized, hornier and way fitter then after a whole day of work. Additionally, the air is mostly cooler in the morning and therefore having sex easier when it comes to staying cool. And let’s be honest, by all means, is there a greater way to start your day then having sex?

The right place

Remember us talking about having sex in the shower? Now is definitely the time to consider, since you can assure a cooling touch by the running water. Another thing you could try out are cooling bedsheets, for example, those made out of silk. Silk is in general known for its cooling abilities and feels perfectly smooth on the body as well. And then there is one more thing to remember: Your bed is not the only place to have sex in. Why not try out the kitchen floor instead? The cool tiles will ensure your bodies keeping cool while you are heating it up with some serious and hot sex play. And last but not least: If you have the chance, try out the pool. The feeling of being surrounded by water and additionally feeling the slight lift it gives you, will for sure have you going for hours and really enjoy yourselves.

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