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I’m sure you have heard of Fifty Shades of Grey - if not even read the books or watched the movies yourself. Despite what you might think about the plot or the movie in general, the fact is, that surveys have shown that many women use the story as their masturbation phantasy. This leaves one assuming, that there is something about Fifty Shades of Grey that women like when it comes to sex. So why not go thru the sex positions included in the storyline?

Secret wishes

Fifty Shades of Grey might have been discussed controversially, but after all, it remains a world bestseller. The book tells the hot and steamy love story of Ana Steele and Christian Grey and caused a sensation, especially due to the numerous sex scenes and BDSM-related sex practices. Whereas one needs to say that the whole BDSM topic is only touched very lightly and is not displayed full on.

Nevertheless, the hot powerplay between Christian and Ana seems to draw not only the attention of the ladies but also fuel their imagination. No matter if it just the imagination of somebody taking control and being the leading part during a sexual encounter or if it truly about the power and submission of BDSM, it might be equally interesting and boosting to try out some of the hottest sex positions à la Fifty Shades of Grey.

Setting the set

Since many of the sex positions in Fifty Shades of Grey include a certain amount of powerplay, you must talk to each other beforehand. Make sure that you both want to try this out and talk about each’s part. With powerplay involved, one partner takes over the dominant part, while the other one is somewhat submissive. Whereas there are no gender patterns to this, so the roles can equally be taken by both women and men. If you are afraid that this kind of sex might be too hard for you or your partner, remember that you set the tone. There is no rule about how hard or not the powerplay should be. Be sure to do what you both are fine and feel comfortable with.

#1 Alter your senses

To be precise, this point is about diming your vision and hearing to alter your feeling of touch. To achieve this tie her hands to the bedpost, blindfold her eyes and give her earphones. This way, your partner can neither hear nor see where and how you are about to touch them, and your touch is going to feel that much more intense. Also, not being able to escape might add a certain kick for them and make them feel the whole experience much more intense. Of course, you may touch your partner with more than just your hands and fingers. What about using your tongue, a feather, or even a vibrating sex toy.

#2 Full spotlight on the nipples

Something Mr. Grey also focuses on a lot is Ana’s nipples. As I have pointed out before, a woman’s nipples, as well as a man’s nipples, are very sensitive and a direct connection to lust. So why not use the fact, that your partner has still tied up hands from the first step and shine the spotlight on that very intimate and delicate body part. If she is still blindfolded, even better since the sensation will be altered for sure. Also, consider standing behind your partner and give them a treat with your fingers, by circling and even pinching them - remember to make sure, your partner appreciates the amount of pinching though. Then, when your partner is heated up, why not untie her hands and lead them downwards, letting her know that you would like her to pleasure herself. As for the crowning conclusion, simply enter leisurely from behind and give her the full service.

#3 Ice ice baby

During another scene of Fifty Shades of Grey, Mr. Grey pleases Ana by using some ice. If you would like to try this out, melt some ice on a spoon so that the ice-cold water drips onto her neck and chest. Then lick them away with your tongue, whereas the combination of the cool water and your warm touch will combine to a tingling sensation for her.

#4 Doggy-style with a twist

We all have had sex in the doggy-style. But whereas this is a quite common position, in Fifty Shades of Grey Ana adds a little something to it. This little something being a soft belt around her hips. Like this, while she is on all fours and Mr. Grey enters her from behind, he can use the so-created strap to nestle even closer and grant her extra deep stimulation.

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