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Get the most out of sex - how to maximize your pleasure

Updated: May 3, 2023

Thinking about how to increase the pleasure for both during sex is a considerate and nice thing to do. Even if you are a natural like me, it is good to reflect on how you can maximize both your own and the pleasure of your counterpart while having sex. I myself always want to grant my partners the biggest possible joy and therefore always gather information and knowledge about the various possibilities. Of course, my experience has taught me the one or other thing about this. Here are four suggestions for you.

Take your time

It is essential that you take your time and acting as if you were on the clock is never a good requirement. Good sex mostly comes from good foreplay. And good foreplay includes you and your partner taking it slow and giving yourselves enough time, to explore each other. The human body is full of nerves that when treated the right way can make your entire body tingle. Do yourself and your partner the courtesy of giving your attention to every inch of your bodies, getting to treat every hidden spot. Like this, you will build up a sensational tension that will lead to the best sex. No matter if soft or hard, your body will be ready for whatever you like, and your mind will reach a higher level of excitement. Of course, I am not saying that a hot quickie can’t be as fun as well. But good and long foreplay can be used to increase pleasure and very often has a reciprocal effect.

The force you feel when having your partner on top of you, it is always the effect on your brain that gives you the last kick. | How to Maximize Your Pleasure | Get the Most Out of Sex | Dating with Fawn | Philadelphia, PA, USA

Why not start with a massage

Especially when you meet for the first time it is all about getting to know each other and getting a sense for each other. A good way to achieve that is by giving a massage. Not only do you get to see and touch your partner’s body in a sensual way, but you can also find out, which spots your partner reacts to the most and how delicate or not your touch can be. Next to the visual and haptic sensation you get as the one giving the massage, you can also get your partner’s mind and body going by it. I myself love to get touched and caressed and it always increases my longing for more.

Be open for new things

No matter how experienced you are, there is for sure something you have not tried out yet. When meeting new partners there is always the potential of exchanging experience and knowledge and learning new things. Stay open to this fact and be ready to try out new things. The amount of sex positions and sex practices is endless, and you might end up doing something that blows your mind. I love showing my partners new positions and movements and increasing their pleasure with it and absolutely think, that the willingness to learn and try out new things adds even more to their sex appeal.

Never forget your most important sex organ

If you are thinking of your penis or her vulva now, you are wrong. As important as our body and our body parts may be, the most important sex organ we possess is our brain. Having sex without getting “touched” mentally will never be as exciting and pleasurable as having sex with your body and your mind as well. Of course, touching specific spots of your body, massaging, licking, kissing, or penetrating them is and feels awesome. But in the end, it is all mental. Everything you do during good sex involves your mind as well. No matter if it is the view you enjoy while having anal sex, the feeling while receiving a blow job, or the force you feel when having your partner on top of you, it is always the effect on your brain that gives you the last kick. You can also increase that effect by using dirty talk or making your breathing and moaning more

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