Companionship - a true goal

What would life be without companionship? And what is companionship per se? Today I would like to take the time to look at this topic a bit closer.

The antidote to loneliness

Companionship is nothing other than the state of spending time with someone else. Better put: Companionship provides you with someone to spend your time with, that someone being a so-called companion. Of course, like all things companionship can mean something slightly different to everyone, but in general it most probably includes the idea, that everybody involved likes spending time with each other and thus wanting to spend time with each other.

So imagine what your life would be if you had no companionship. Imagine how it would feel like. Lonely, right?

The benefits of companionship

Even more, companionship is extremely important for both mental health and physical wellbeing. Being surrounded by a good company makes us relax, feel comfortable and keeps our mind positively engaged. Also, as shown above, it provides us from feeling lonely and also helps us avoid social isolation, both crucial for mental stability.

Other than that company enables us to keep up with our social skills and even improve the while at the same time it increases a sense of purpose for each one of us, which is crucial for a healthy life. The interaction with people we like also stimulates us on several levels and even our memory skill become better due to memory exercises such as reminiscing.

As for the physical benefits of companionship, there are quite a few as well, beginning with simply enjoying more physical activities than alone, such as for example a walk in the park. Also, a beloved companion can point out unhealthy habits and support you in achieving your goals, whatever they may look like.

Why companionship works - paid or not

Many people think, that companionship that has been paid for, can not work or provide what unpaid companionship provides. And although I understand the notion behind this thought I experience it differently. It might be hard to find companionship, especially paid ones, but this does not exist or can not be just as perfect as non-paid.

On the contrary, paid companionship the way I see and offer it even has certain advantages. Because different from other people, I have a very good sense for what people around me - better put people a share my company with - truly want. In addition to that due to my experience and my field of expertise, I am more than capable and also willing to provide whatever you as my companion wish for. No matter if it is fulfilling your desire and satisfaction, indulging you in seduction or granting you pleasure or relaxation - I know how and will always treat you with the biggest respect at all times.

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