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Coming out of your shell and experiencing your true desires

I have been told many times by gentlemen who have spent their time with me that whenever they have experienced pleasure at a professional level, they then go on to struggle with reacclimating to intimacy with 'regular' ladies. So, I guess I tend to 'consume' men a little more with utter desire than other ladies. However, I can't say that I carry a lot of regrets, and I consider what I do a gift. Most gentlemen that I meet claim that whenever they've invested energy with a professional companion like myself, conventional dating simply doesn't give them the satisfaction they once had.

I don't intend to sound elitist, yet when one focuses on joy and decadence in their life, such as I do, they come to possess a profound understanding of the physical enjoyments—understanding the breadth and depth of this is challenging for people who see pleasure a just a mere hobby, or a past-time rather than a way of life.

As far as I am concerned, pleasure is a practice, in addition to a passion and energy. I have lived my life deepening my knowledge of sexual desires, arouses and pleasures. My insight into all that excites and enchants gives me a more than remarkable attribute regarding intimacy.

While a portion of my gentleman companions pleads and desire our time together, they have much higher expectations and assumptions with regards to sentiment and chemistry, I acknowledge that this condition is downright a blessing.

Whenever one has seen and encountered the levels of pleasure and the profundities of intimacy that is achievable between two souls, hearts, and minds, it would be an extraordinary misfortune to walk out on that knowledge once it has been spread.

I trust that our time together assists you with finding additional opportunities and that what we both experience ignites your creative mind, leaving you craving more. My desire for you is that you won't ever agree to average quality from now on following the time we spend together. I know what we figure out during our opportunity together will change you perpetually and maybe 'ruin' your capacity to be fulfilled by lesser encounters. I have no disgrace in conceding that I aim to boost your expectations and desires forever. Moving onwards, you will only be unsatisfied if you willingly deny yourself to engage with the opportunities that truly sets your heart on fire.

When you look past the expected and immerse yourself in activities you truly desire. You will find that every aspect of your life will begin to blossom and find fulfillment in ways you had never imagined.

Now that doesn't seem like such a bad destiny, right?

I look forward to consuming your desires ;)

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- xoxo -

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