Christmas gifts 2.0 - some more ideas to spice up the season

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Two weeks ago, I gave you some ideas about what you might consider gifting your partner on Christmas. Of course, I’m not done with just one idea but have further ideas of what you could wrap up and give as a present - a present that will benefit her as well as you.

Gifts can benefit both - sexually

Naturally, when choosing a gift for somebody you focus on the other person's needs and desires. You will want to find something that delights them, makes them smile, and brings them joy.

At the same time when it comes to sex, it is always about giving and taking as well. Sexual intercourse, a good one at least, is based on this principle. Both partners give and take, always trying to do their partner something good as well as themselves. Good sex is all about opening up, trying to feel what your counterpart likes, find a common rhythm and understanding, and at the same time also sensing what your own body wants and desires.

So why not take this notion of togetherness, of giving and taking further and applying it while choosing some exciting gifts for your loved one. Because believe me: There are gifts that are capable of exciting her as well as you at the same time.

The three things for you to place in your gift basket

#1 Knee-high socks

You will for sure want to place some nice warm pair of knee-high socks in your gift basket for her. Why? Well, once they will sure look very sexy when they adorn your lady’s sexy legs. Second, her feeling sexy in them is a good thing for both of you, since it will boost her self-confidence and help her feel more relaxed and at ease. And third, science has proven, that when women have warm feet they have a better chance of reaching climax during sex. Another thing that you will both profit from for sure.

#2 Tea

Yes, you heard me right: Tea. Make sure to place some good old teabags in that gift basket as well. And while you shall, of course, chose the kind of tea she likes, remember to buy peppermint tea as well. Also, don’t forget to brew her or yourself a nice cup of tea when the time has come. The warm tea will warm up the inner of your or her mouth and that’s how you can provide yourselves one hell of a sensation when going down on each other - with that extra warm touch so to say. Furthermore, if you want to add some tingling sensation to that warmth, try out the peppermint tea - you will remember me while doing so.

#3 Body oil

The third thing to place in the basket is body oil - and then remember to warm it up a bit before using it. Like this you will soon find out, that warm oil feels soothing on the body and instantly creates a pleasurable sensation, especially when it is cold outside. Also depending on what scent you chose you can create different moods, for example, lavender calms down, eucalyptus freshens up while the scent of roses increases the sweetness and sensuality in a room. Of course, body oil is essential for massages, and massages as we all know possess the power to heat up your partner - lucky you, enjoy!

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