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9 things you should never ask a companion!

Updated: May 3, 2023

There are personal things you should never ask a companion at all about their personal lives. As we all do we like to keep our personal life personal, as do they!. So here is a list of the no-no questions, 9 things to never ask a companion.

There are personal things you should never ask a companion at all about their personal lives. As we all do we like to keep our personal life personal, as do they! 9 Things You Should Never Ask A Companion! | Dating with Fawn | Philadelphia, PA, USA

1) How many Clients do you service in a day?

This is a very personal subject, as to how many Clients a companion sees in a day. Just because she/he is a companion, doesn’t mean he/she does not have personal space, It is not required for him/her to answer such a question. If you do ask this he/she can refuse to answer and possibly in the future never service you again because you are in his/her personal space. I would if I were you avoid this at all possible.

2) What is your real name?

Most people know that a companion more or less never uses their real name, for obvious reasons cause he/she does not want to be stalked. They have their own personal lives outside of companionship, more than likely they want to keep it that way there are a few men/women that will ask this question.

A) They are an inexperienced Client, more than likely they didn’t read all the rules or they just want to actually test the boundaries by a certain companion. B) They are an over-experienced Client and they don’t care about boundaries at this point. C) They have been their Client for a very long time and want to get more personal towards the companions. Either way, I would steer clear of this question.

3) Do you have a Boyfriend?

Most girls will not answer this question. It is in the rules you should never ask this as, again, this is their personal space. As for the real name, The relationship status is not a required know all for many companions and will not share with you.

4) Does your family know what you do?

Again, not a very good question to go to even if you are trying to make good conversation. Their personal life is their business, as your personal life is your business.

5) Will you go on a date with me?

A companionship is there for your personal pleasure and enjoys their time with you as you are with them. This boundary is not to be crossed it is hard to decipher the pleasure and the reality for most people even the escort. Even if you enjoy each other for the longest time it's best to keep each other strictly business. Not only, the escort does not want to see you anymore you may lose the time with a pleasurable experience with your favorite companion.

6) Do I have to have a shower?

A companion asking you to take a shower beforehand is Common sense. A companion will have a shower prior to seeing you and is a very simple request from the companion he/she will do his/her best to fit your needs.

7) Can I have a discount?

This is very offensive to most companions. Their profile provides all that is needed and price ranges they accept. even asking for a discounted rate, (eg 45 minutes) for a lesser price they will say no unless stated in their profile. It is better to move along and find a companion in your price range.

Even asking for a discount saying you are good looking, well endowed, have a lot of money and will buy her more. This will not impress the companion. I would suggest not going there.

8) Can you send me a selfie?

Most companions provide selfies on their profile or they are in their profile. Although, this is a common question and Clients love to think they took one for them alone, or just out of pure laziness because they don’t want to look or search. In a survey in the USA, we ask the same question to a very popular companion, then we had a straight answer from her “NO”. So be prepared to get a simple no if they do I wouldn’t pressure it further.

9) Can I be your first client of the day?

Although, A simple and seems like an innocent request. This will turn some companions away from servicing you Because,

A) The Client cannot stand the thought of having a companion.

B) A Client can’t stand the thought of their companion being with other people.

Just remember companions are people just like you and keep their personal life private. Please be respectful and enjoy him/her and much as he/she will enjoy you! Or you could be a dismissal for future times with this companion. Because, if they are uncomfortable with you then they will not see you again! So think before you ask.

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