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8 sex positions that will make her come - for sure

Do you want more variety in bed and are looking for ways to get more fun in your sexual life? Well, one topic you can always work on are the various positions you use during sex. So let us look at some possibilities today that will for sure spice up your sex life without you breaking a leg.

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Monotony always will end up killing the vibe

There are always two sides to a medal, as they say. While encountering a new sex partner is surely a kick due to the newness which adds to the excitement, it also might take some time until you find the common ground and gather the right amount of information on how the new counterpart ticks and what he or she reacts on and how. On the other side, having sex with somebody you already know brings the advantage of being in synch already and well knowing what is hot and what is not. At the same time, what might be delightful and reassuring, can also turn into dullness with time. We humans get used to things at some point and tend to lose the sensation of excitement when experiencing something over and over again. It is after all a fact, especially when it comes to having sex: Monotony will always end up killing the vibe by simply lacking excitement at some point.

But no worries, there is something you can do about it, without having to constantly change your counterpart after a certain amount of time. Because when it comes to sex, things are quite similar to when it comes to love and relationships: They require work. So, let us talk about working it regarding your sexual activities.

Fresh-up your sex agenda

Let us face it: We humans are weird. While we are suckers for excitement, we also appreciate the known and are creatures of habit. We are basically living a double standard, which regularly gets in our way. But as with everything in life, there is a solution, we just need to work it.

What I am talking about is to simply keep your sex life "alive" and thriving by freshening up the repertoire from time to time. This does not mean, that you can not enjoy a certain routine over and over again. But being able to mesh it up with some new stuff, always helps to keep the routine exciting and the sexual attraction and interest alive. So, all you need are some additional positions to throw in the game from time to time. And who knows, maybe you will discover a new favourite on the road.

In addition, mixing up things with some new sex positions might also be the solution if your female counterpart has difficulties climaxing. Often all it takes is trying something new to discover just the magic way that works best for both. So, let us look at some options.

#1 The Amazon

For the so-called Amazon, he sits down on a chair, and she sits facing him on his lap. The seat of the chair should only be high enough for her to still comfortably get her feet on the floor. That way she can control the movements, the pace and, how deep she wants to be penetrated. Another advantage of this position is, that body contact is really close, and you both have the chance to look at each other in the face and maintain eye contact, which increases the intimacy. Also, due to you seeing each other coordination is easier and he has his hands free to caress and touch her in all the right places.

#2 The reverse Amazon

This basically works like the Amazon position but in a reversed position. So, you will need a chair again on which the male counterpart takes a seat. But this time the lady sits on him with her back towards him, facing away from him. Again, make sure that her feet can easily touch the floor so she can easily control the movements. Different than in the Amazon position you will not only have a different sensation because the female partner is not seeing the male partner which can increase the tension and be helpful with truly letting go and giving in to the lust but also because this position penetrates her differently.

#3 Froggy style

This position is ideal for women who face difficulties climaxing purely through vaginal penetration. For this position, the height of the seat is irrelevant. The male partner again sits on a chair or the edge of the bed while she sits on him with her legs widespread so that they rest on his thighs and her back rests against his chest. Like this, she offers plenty of room for additional stimulation, for example by him using his hands or a vibrator. Also, the feeling of him placing his arms around her can provide additional cosiness and let her feel safe and well-guarded, something that might help her relax more and therefore increases the chances of her climaxing even further.

#4 Rocking horse

Why not try out a different approach regarding movement and go for the so-called Rocking Horse position. This time the male counterpart sits cross-legged and can either prop himself up with his hands or lean against a wall. The female counterpart then sits astride his lap. Like this, she can control the depth of penetration as well as the tempo and the rhythm. Also, if you choose the variation where he leans against a wall, she can additionally support herself by placing her hands against the wall. And again, with the counterparts facing each other, this position provides high intimacy and enables kissing in a very nice way. And last but not least, in this position, she will not be bumping but rather rocking back and forth which enhances the clitoral stimulation, thus increases the chances to climax.

Sex positions that will make her climax | Dating with Fawn | Philadelphia, PA, USA

#5 Carrying her on hands

This time let us go full romantic by trying out a position that resembles him carrying her in his hands. For that, he sits with his legs stretched out and she sits sideways on him, lying in his arms, so to speak. Like this, he can gently raise and lower her body with his arms, or she can provide the movement by herself by putting her feet up. One of the advantages in this position is, that both can take the lead and can easily coordinate since seeing each other. Also, this position is truly intimate and provides a big deal of romantic notion. Additionally, if she spreads her legs a little, he can also stimulate her with his fingers and grant her some additional pleasure.

#6 The Dolphin

For those who prefer it a bit more acrobatic, here comes something you might want to try out. The female counterpart lays on her back and goes into a slight bridge while she can stabilize herself by placing her arms next to her on the bed or the ground. At the same time, the male counterpart kneels in front of her and bends her legs at the level of his lap. This position allows really deep penetration and additionally enables additional stimulation since he can massage her buttocks and also find a big variety of movement patterns.

#7 The Waterfall

If the female counterpart does not feel comfortable in the bridge position, no problem. With the so-called Waterfall position, it is his turn to go into a similar position. So, he lays on his back at the edge of the bed while only his lower body rests on it. His upper body on the other hand is hanging down the bed while his shoulder and his head are resting on the floor. Then she sits on top of him and has the enjoyable situation of having the sole power of action. Also, due to the special angle, he can provide a special stimulation which most women will love.

#8 The Sexy Globe

Another way to have her decide how deep he penetrates her, it the so-called Sexy Globe.

For this position, he sits on the bed with his legs bent and she sits in front and on top of him with her legs bent as well, facing away from him. Like this, he can penetrate her from behind whereas she can control the movement as well as the depth of the penetration by either bending forward or moving further back. and turns her back to him. Also, in this position, the movements will be less thrusting than rather rolling or swinging and both counterparts will have at least one hand free to touch each other and provide additional stimulation.


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