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6 reasons to mastrubate while having sex with each other

Have you ever masturbated in front of your partner? Or does this thought make you blush? If you ask me, I believe it is a very good and also helpful thing to do and I truly believe, everybody should include self-masturbation into the common sex routine. Why? Well, let me show you.

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Masturbation - a healthy thing

The days when masturbation was a taboo are long gone - one should think. But still, there are many people feeling uncomfortable talking about it and some even feel bad - or somehow filthy - when masturbating. So please, let us clear things once and for all: Masturbation is a beautiful form of self-gratification, that everybody should treat herself or himself with on a regular basis. Besides doing so simply for the beauty of it, there are some reasons more for doing so. First of all, it is fun - and whoever thought that fun is something bad? Also, and that is a very important fact as well, masturbation is healthy!

A little solo round has a stimulating effect on the nervous system, relaxes muscles and warms the body. The hormones released while masturbating, such as endorphin and oxytocin, ensure stress relief and even help with a better and free beauty sleep, as they make you happy and lift your mood. Therefore it is no wonder, that masturbation also helps with depression or stress in general.

By practising some self-love, you will not only sleep better but also escape from everyday life in a pleasant way and decrease your stress level.

Furthermore, the pelvic floor muscles are particularly used during masturbation. As a result, your posture improves and orgasms during sex with your counterpart will feel even more intense. Also, men benefit from a stronger erection, while women profit from a better recovery during their period.

But that is not all: Masturbation also stabilizes your blood pressure and cardiovascular system, while each orgasm naturally burns calories as well.

In short: If you masturbate on a regular basis you will be healthier and happier as well.

The perks of masturbating in front of each other

Have I convinced you already? Good. But, hold on a few more minutes because I would like to point out two more perks of masturbation, the first being, that it benefits your sex life.

By masturbating you increased your orgasmic potential and with it your personal attractiveness, both facts from which your sex life will profit directly. Additionally, the hormones released during masturbation give your skin an attractive glow and make you look relaxed and sexy - and of course, a satisfied laugh further supports this effect. Naturally, with men working on their longevity in this area, sex does not get worse either.

But now let us look at the specific advantages of masturbating in front of each other during your sexual encounter.

#1 The perfect foreplay

For most couples, foreplay consists of ripping each other's clothes off and getting hot with a combination of making out and groping. However, foreplay without physical contact can be at least as stimulating, if not even a tick hotter. So here is what I recommend: Undress yourselves in front of each other and touch each other as you would normally do during a solo session. After this, refrain from touching each other and focus on only watching each other while each one of you gives herself or himself some self-love. Trust me, after just a few minutes, you will hardly be able to stand it and will want to fall all over each other.

#2 Get to know each other better

Masturbating in front of each other helps you both to get to know your partner's body better.

The longer you are a couple, the better you know your (naked) bodies - every mole, every tattoo, every scar, no matter how fine. But have you ever really taken the time to look at your most intimate body parts in depth and in peace? Masturbating in front of each other is the perfect opportunity to make up for this. The sight is not only instructive but also a huge turn-on, believe me. Furthermore, like this, you will not only get to see and know each others body, but also each other's reactions to lust. All I can say is: Wath and learn!

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#3 Rescue for long-distance relationships

No matter if you have a long-distance relationship or if your partner is away only for a while, pleasuring yourself in front of each other does not only work when you are in the same room together. For long-distance relationships or when you are apart, you can simply use Skype or FaceTime and pull off the hot solo session on camera. This is the perfect way to get through a sexual dry spell and maintain your relationship and sexual connection.

#4 A chance to learn

Even when it comes to sex toys and how to implement them in your sex play as a couple, masturbation is the best way to learn. Because while many people use sex toys almost only during solo sex, the reason for this often is, that the counterpart simply is not sure enough how to use them on the partner and therefore refrains from doing so. And that is a pity, believe me! Instead of both shying away from technical gadgets simply show each other how you can be satisfied by them. That is not only a turn-on to watch but also a beautiful way of instruction. Like that, you will easily be able to include sex toys and all the fun they bring along in your sexual acts.

#5 Get hot when you are not

We have all experienced it: Your partner wishes to have sex with you, but you just do not feel like having sex. Often this situation leads to frustration on both sides and a tumbling mood. So let me tell you: There is a solution to it! Instead of going for sex with each other, why not simply masturbate in front of each other. Because firstly, you do not need to be in the mood for sex just for watching somebody masturbate. Second, the chances are high, that by watching your partner masturbate your mood will change and you will end up wanting to throw yourself all over him or her and even if not, by masturbating in front of you, your partner will still enjoy his pleasure together with you and surely also orgasm.. masturbating in front of your partner works even if one of you doesn't feel like having sex.

#6 It is simply hot

Last but not least: Watching your partner do it to herself or himself or masturbate while the other one is watching is simply super hot! It stimulates the imagination, creates even more intimacy and trust, gives you new ideas and definitely raises your sex life to a new level. So, go ahead - try it out asap and enjoy!


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