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5 times a companion is exactly what you need

When talking with people about what I do for a living with I often get the question of what the reasons to book a companion are. And while the reason assumed is mostly the same and one reason only, in reality, there are several reasons why a companion can be exactly what one needs. Let me show you the x most common ones.

Companionship provides the perfect touch | Dating with Fawn | Philadelphia, PA, USA

Before beginning let me point out something first: there is no right or wrong when it comes to the reasons you book a companion. At the end of the day, it is totally up to you and your personal decision, which should not be judged by anybody at all. And while I am aware that dating a companion is often still viewed with wariness by many people, it is definitely something you get to decide on your own and not feel guilty about.

This brings us to the many times and situations in which a companion is exactly the right thing to be meeting - and as I have mentioned, there are several ones.

The perfect company for events

Being invited to an event is something many of us often experience and at the same time often dread, especially when we do not have the right person to accompany us or simply are single. No matter if it is because you simply want to avoid standing around alone, or wish to keep up appearances amongst your colleagues, do not want to go thru the usual questioning by your parents or other relatives or even just want to make a statement towards your ex: having a good looking and smart companion at your side always makes things so much easier.

Also, finding a friend to accompany you is often not as easy, due to all the appointments we all have. At the same time, getting yourself a date for just this one occasion can be equally difficult and awkward at the same time, since you do not want to lead somebody on, while you only need them for one night. Last but not least, what if you already have a partner that simply cannot make it and you do not want her to feel jealous by asking someone else? Well, a companion is the perfect solution for all these situations: no fuss, no bad feelings, professional and adequate behaviour with no strings attached and no drama. And all that without spending hours and hours searching or worrying if your company will step on anybody’s toes or be able to adapt to the surroundings and the occasion.

Trying out new things

Let us be honest, there are things we dream of, especially sexually, but often do not live with our partners. No matter if it is because you do not share the same kinks or because you do not feel comfortable sharing certain kinds with them, assuming it is something your partner will not like or could maybe be judgemental about or if you want to try out with somebody experienced first: whatever the reason might be, a companion has your back when it comes to trying out new things. As a companion, I am free of judgement and at the same time have a lot of experience when it comes to sexual practices, so I can be the perfect guide and partner in crime. No matter if you want to try out something new, simply live out your fantasy or even lose your virginity in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

Finally, if you are single and simply want to have some fun, I am the person who is going to provide tons of fun, without any strings attached. At the same time, you can also confide in me, spend your time talking about things that matter to you or simply have a good time with me.

Ease up your dating experience

Yes, dating can be hard, boring and even frustrating - even if we have a huge amount of dating apps on our hands these days. And so, while going on dates should be fun and raise your spirits, it often feels like a drag and tiring. First, you need to find a person you consider going on a date with, then there is the uncertainty of how the date is going to go and at the end you very well might up spending a dull time, not going any further than a dinner that has you spending money without getting anything out of it.

Especially as a single, even if you are socially active and meet with a lot of people you might still lack the human touch and the physical exchange on a sexual basis. With no partner fulfilling your sexual desires becomes very hard, even more, when considering how dragging dating can be. Finally, time is another point that might make things difficult: with our business life filled and a full schedule, it is often hard to find the time to date somebody, especially regularly enough for it to come to a level where sexual longings are met.

When dating a companion, on the other hand, dating is the easiest thing. You fix a date, place your wishes and thoughts and simply spend a nice time while having all your desires fed - and just in case I need to remind you: no drama and no strings attached.

Companionship couple making out in bed | Dating with Fawn | Philadelphia, PA, USA

Get a boost of confidence

Yes, a companion is the perfect boost for your confidence, believe me. The reason for this being very simple: As a companion, I am a professional, absolutely focussed on giving you exactly the experience you need and are looking for. My sole goal is to make you feel good, feel at ease, have a pleasurable time and truly enjoy yourself. No matter if you want to leave your daily life behind, if you want to talk to somebody about things on your mind, if you want to visit an event, go to a party, spend a quiet evening at your place or simply live what you have sexually always dreamt of, I am experienced and capable of providing exactly the counterpart you need.

Regardless of your experience, with me, you can try out new things, practice the whole process of dating as a beginner or when your last date has been a while ago or simply enjoy dating and practising what you like doing. All that, while getting exactly what you and your self-confidence need to be boosted.

Let us face it, often in life and during a long-term relationship or as a single, you might not feel recognized or prioritized enough. And yes, that feeling can become a burden over time and can leave big scratches on your confidence. As a companion, I can lift that feeling by making you my priority while we are together and make you the most important and wanted person on earth during our meeting. At the same time, you will be able to approach possible or existing partners differently by feeling better and more self-confident.

A personal connection without complications attached

While having your sexual desires matched is surely one of the big perks of having me as a companion, it is not all you get out of meeting me. Having a personal connection is a further important part of companionship, as I believe. That is why I pay great attention to building a personal connection to all of my customers and finding the matching parts of both our personalities. So, no matter if we meet once because you are travelling and are passing thru just once, or if we meet on a regular basis: I will always make sure we not only get along but really feel comfortable and at ease with each other.

I will focus all my skills on giving you genuine heart-to-heart companionship and feel what you really want. My focus is purely set on your satisfaction and needs, and I will put all my experience, knowledge, sexiness, sweetness, playfulness into making you happy. From the moment we meet you will have the chance to indulge and experience a fun and still respectful relationship with me while I fully understand that your success and super busy schedule make you feel a strong need for companionship while not experiencing any drama.


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Companions speding quality time together | Dating with Fawn | Philadelphia, PA, USA

Did you enjoy the read? Check out my other articles and

do not miss having a look at my dating or companion services

- xoxo -

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