5 magic ways to touch her

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It does not always have to be a big gesture or move to drive your partner crazy during a sexual encounter. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter, like the slightest touch at the right moment and the right spot. It is like placing the cherry on top of a perfectly composed ice-cream - not necessary, but still game-changing. Here are five simple ways to add to the moment and help make it an unforgettable one.

#1 Clear the view

This is a gesture you can apply during a regular day or encounter or even during sex as well. It will equally create a very intimate moment and give her the feeling, that you are genuinely interested in her as a person and really care about her. The trick is very simple: When there’s a moment of calmness, where she might be focussing inwards and might seem kind of engaged with herself, raise your hand and calmly and deliberately stroke aside a strand of hair from her face while looking her deep in the eyes. I am quite sure you will instantly create a very intimate and deep connection which you can then seal with a deep kiss. Why this is magic? Because touching somebody’s face is nothing we do on a regular basis and with anybody. Our face is a very intimate, private zone which may only be touched by those we feel for and feel comfortable with. Similar moves are touching her lips with your fingers or letting them run along with her eyebrows.

#2 Throat & neck holder

Another very sensitive body part is the throat as well as the neck. Next to treating that region with kisses and licks, what also works its magic, is giving them a good and steady hold. Place your thumb directly on her throat while placing your other fingers around her neck. Like this, you are literally holding her life in your hands, since you're directly over her windpipe and her carotid artery. Therefore, this touch has quite something to do with trust, power, control, and giving in to somebody, so be sure that you and your partner have reached that level of closeness. But if you have, this touch will surely give her a feeling of excitement.

#3 Opening the gate

Now here comes a move that will definitely let your partner know, that you know what you are doing. It is about how you open your way to enter her. Of course, you can let her handle things or simply “fumble” your way thru, but here is a way that will surely make the whole experience way more enjoyable for both of you. Place your hand on her vulva, palm facing down, and fingers point downwards as well. Now place your fingers on her lips just above her vagina and use them to spread them apart, freeing the space for you to enter her. Like this not only will the gateway be open for you to enter easily, but also will she have the added pleasure of your touch on one of her most sensitive spots.

#4 Touching her heart

Another touch that is often much appreciated is the one I call “touching her/his heart”. As simple as it might seem, it once again creates an intimate vibe while still being powerful. Place your hand, palm facing down, on her chest, slightly tending towards her left side, almost above her heart. Again, this move is as much filled with power as it is with tenderness and it’s exactly this mixture that makes it magic.

#5 Core touch

Last but not least let me tell you about another very magical touch, the core touch. Whereas this touch is rather done by your fingers. Also, in comparison to the other ones I told you about this one touches her on the inside, literally. So, let your index finger slide deep into her vagina, while your fingertip points upwards when she is lying on her back or downwards when she is lying on her stomach, so towards her tummy. Then imagine your beckoning her with your finger. Like this, you will be stroking along the front wall of her vagina right where the famous G-spot is positioned.

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