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4 Sexy Positions To Try This Summer

Summer is approaching, and regardless of your perspective on romance, I have a suggestion for you. Use this occasion as an opportunity to explore new sexual skills. While every day is suitable for experimenting, I have compiled a list of positions that I believe everyone should try, including a few you may not have attempted before.

But before you embark on your sexual journey, remember to keep these supplies on your nightstand:

  • A delay spray if you want to prolong your endurance (works wonders in various locations).

  • An arousal gel for enhanced blood flow, genital sensitivity, and more intense orgasms (try their fantastic warming version).

  • A high-quality lubricant, personally recommended by me, which exudes a delightful blend of creamy coconut and seductive sandalwood, evoking a vacation-like experience.


Don't forget that vibrations feel amazing for everyone, especially for vulva owners who often require clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Toys, such as small but powerful bullets, can be a game-changer during partnered sex. Je Joue manufactures top-notch bullets that can also be used on nipples and thighs. Explore different sensations and indulge in their deep, rumbly motors for a fulfilling experience. Whether you prefer the teasing Amour, the versatile Duet, or the pinpoint pleasure of Vita's wand tip, bullet vibes are designed to hit the target.

Now, let's move on to the positions. You're prepped, set, and ready to play. Choose one or two from the following menu:

The Lotus:

  • The giving partner sits cross-legged.

  • The receiving partner sits on their lap, facing them.

  • Thrusting is achieved using the hips, core, and thighs.


  • Deep penetration

  • ample kissing

  • eye contact

  • and the satisfaction of having Tantric sex.

Standing in the Shower:

  • The receiving partner supports themselves against the wall (carefully, as it may be slippery).

  • The giving partner can enter from the front or behind (recommended from behind).

  • The giving partner thrusts while the receiving partner maintains stability using their thighs and core.


  • Easy cleanup

  • reminiscent of urgent movie sex

  • and a great option when privacy is limited.


  • The giving partner lies down on a bed or comfortable surface.

  • The receiving partner straddles and sits on top, facing their partner.

  • The receiving partner controls the thrusting rhythm.


  • Deep penetration

  • hands-free for breast/chest stimulation

  • and a power dynamic reminiscent of missionary with a subtle BDSM twist.

Doggy Style:

  • The receiving partner positions themselves on all fours, bracing against a bed or surface.

  • The giving partner kneels and enters from behind.

  • The giving partner takes charge of the thrusts and sets the rhythm.


  • Private view of orgasmic expressions,

  • power dynamics similar to Cowgirl/Cowboy

  • and intense thrusting for a satisfying experience.

Keep the spirit of Summer alive by continuing to embrace sexual exploration… every day.

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