3 simple letter, GFE, What does that mean?

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3 simple letters bring to mind a vast array of ideas and expectations:

GFE, What does it mean to you?

What does it mean to me? This often over-used acronym possesses a variety of nuances and meanings, and it is used by many in the modern dating world.

However, when I think of what we might call GFE, I am most certainly am not simply going through the motions of what a man may be expecting. I aim to defy expectations and surpass them whenever possible.

To me, those letters stand for the beginning of an unforgettable experience for two. Each time we meet has the potential to be as unique as the two individuals involved. Then add the delicious variable of a new location or activity each time we dive in, and the possibilities are truly endless.

To me, those letters might stand for a “genuine flirtatious evening.” Perhaps we spend the night dancing under the stars, exchanging furtive glances while sipping classic cocktails and discussing our hearts’ desires.

Those letters could also come to refer to a “Glorious Fantasy Encounter” where we reveal our true selves to one another over an inspired tasting menu and a decadent bottle of wine. Later, we tell each other secrets once the lights go out and we’re alone.

I love to indulge in the carnal desires that come with natural chemistry, and yet I find my passions are only amplified when I am able to take the time to truly understand another’s intellect and interests.

The mind is one of the most powerful assets a person possesses and I believe it is where attraction actually begins. I need a gentleman that loves to take his time to get into my head, spark my imagination, and stimulate my curiosity. This experience simply does not exist for the man for whom the clock is ticking. Living breathlessly and fully immersed in each moment we spend together is a luxury we both deserve.

For the man who has the desire for a genuine and authentic experience with me, he must take the time to really invest in the elements that create chemistry.

I find that combining decadence with a dash of adventure and a generous portion of luxury is an excellent way to begin. When those ingredients are combined with mutual respect and warmed nicely over a relaxed and exclusive location, the alchemy of mutual attraction is nearly guaranteed.

When we each bring our best selves to the encounter, the sky is the limit for what is possible between us. For the man who seeks adventure and authenticity, and is willing to spend the time it takes to truly delve into the type of encounter of which we speak, the modern dating world can indeed be his oyster.




Three letters can’t even begin to sum up what is possible when two unique souls meet and there is a spark. I look forward to igniting the possibilities, perhaps with you?

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