From dolphins and whales - let your hips change the rhythm

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You might be asking yourself what I mean to imply by today’s title - but trust me, it will all make sense after you read thru this. Because as you will find out the way you move your hips during a sexual encounter, more precisely while penetrating the women being your partner, can do all the magic. So, let us look at this a bit closer.

Changing your rhythm spices things up

When it comes to the rhythm, we are entering quite a delicate topic when it comes to sexual encounters. Let us be honest, we have all had partners with which we just could not find the “right” rhythm. It somehow just did not come to that flowing into each other, the level of intuitively feeling one's moves just could not be reached. And yes, those moments are utterly awkward. In those cases, there is not really much you can do - unless the cacophony is due to one of you both or both of you simply not being focussed or willing to give into each other. Then, of course, the solution is quite simple: Tune in. Grant your counterpart your full attention and really get into the game - or talk it out and find out where the disturbance lies.

Then again another “issue” with rhythm might be you trying to maintain a certain rhythm, for making it easier to last longer. Now whereas that is very thoughtful of you, it also has the potential to backfire on you. Why? Because being penetrated in the same rhythm for a long time mostly does not really feel as comfortable for ladies. Next to the same rhythm creating a sort of dull vibe and lowering the energy of the whole encounter, this will not be beneficial for her horniness and therefore her moisture, which might end with her discomfort. So, rest assured, as kind it might be from you trying to keep going as long as possible, lasting long is much less crucial than keeping a good energy up.

Differences make life & sex more interesting

So, let us recapitulate this: Changing the rhythm and finding different rhythms to go with is a good thing. Therefore, you will want to think about different approaches while entering and penetrating her. Whereas as always when it comes to sex, there is no right or wrong. You will much more take your time to find out, what you and your partner both enjoy and feel turned on by. Still, for getting back to the hint in the title, there are two main techniques that might come in very handy.

Swimming with dolphins

As funny or even weird as this analogy might sound, let us roll with it. When I talk about dolphins in connection with sexual penetration, I really want you to visualise a dolphin and how it moves in the water. Dolphins are athletic creatures, moving really fast, with regular moving patterns as in swimming below water, jumping above the surface in arched patterns for then diving below the surface again. And that is exactly the kind of pattern we are looking for when talking about the “dolphin move”. It refers to rather fast movements, moving back and forth in her vagina while trying to create little arches. This kind of movement will stimulate the inside walls of her vagina and create friction for her which will feel good. Although: As told before, you will not want to rely on this one movement alone.

Swimming with whales

For not getting into a monotone rhythm while doing the “dolphin” here is another pattern that aims for a bit something else: The whale. Now again, picture a whale and how it moves. We are talking about a big creature here, that moves masses of water just by swimming by. Opposite to a dolphin, a whale has a certain heaviness to its movement. That does of course not mean, that it moves less skillfully. Its moves are powerful, somehow deeper - and that’s exactly what you want to think about when using this pattern of movement and rhythm. Therefore, make your moves less fast, give the thrusts more power. Go slow, enter her deep, and most of all do not retrieve immediately. Hold the impact and give yourself enough time to repeat it. While as a dolphin you were building on a fast, light, and very fluid rhythm, now you are looking for a rather lazy but very convinced, heavy, and lingering rhythm.

The combination of these two patterns will provide you with a good start - the rest is up to you and your partner. Remember: Have fun, enjoy the moment, and always stay open to try out new things.

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